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Spiritual Legacy

We have had quite the Summer. Six deaths of family and friends. I cannot remember another two months when we had so much death around us. Every time we got a call or text, I sort of wondered if it was going to be more bad news. On top of the already crummy situation with our old house and not being able to do a short sale, we were receiving news each week of someone we know/loved dying.

The last funeral I went to was just nine days ago. It was for a great aunt. My most vivid memories of her are from the time my brother had a paper route. Great Aunt Doris’ house was on the weekly route, so almost every Wednesday afternoon we saw her. She would give us cookies and juice or candy and hot chocolate. She had such a nice smile and a sweet voice.

At her funeral, one of her nephews spoke. He gave some stories of her younger days and some funny things about her. But the thing that was shared most by him was about her relationship with God. She prayed for her family daily. She spent time reading the Bible daily. Aunt Doris was not shy about her faith.

I have not seen Aunt Doris in several years. But I am so happy to have known her and have been at her funeral. What a woman of God! And things I didn’t think about as a child mean so much to me now as an adult. I knew she was a Christian bit how awesome to hear about her dedication to church and sharing her faith and being open about her prayer life!

I have learned just how amazing my family’s spiritual history is. I have been born into an incredibly faithful family, who made every effort to bring their children up in church. As a kid, I did not even think about people not knowing the Lord because every last one of us went to church, heard about God, went to church functions, talked about reading the Bible and praying. It was a part of everyone’s daily life. Just now, as an adult, I am seeing how rare that is- to have a family with that kind o spiritual legacy. It encourages me to do all of that as an adult, just as my immediate and extended older family members did their whole lives. A lot of that older generation has passed away. I love knowing they are with Jesus now. And I hope my spiritual legacy is as theirs is. I pray my kids and grandkids can get up at my funeral and be able yo say I was a faithful prayer warrior, a persona who unashamedly shared my faith, a mom who encouraged her kids to seek the Lord’s guidance, a wife that serves her husband faithfully and her God even more faithfully. My parents, my grandparents, my aunts and uncles, and so on….such great examples of having a heart for Jesus.

Something to consider: what is our legacy?? What will our kids and grandkids say about us when we are gone?


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