lessons in love

Mama Wisdom

It doesn’t matter if everyone uses the bathroom the second before you walk out the door…one of the kids will need to go as soon as you get to your destination. And more than one will need to go if the location is outdoors and has no bathroom.

Every time you think you have seen a child do the most disgusting thing ever, another child will surprise you with something even more ‘special.’

The days I feel most ambitious and ready to grocery shop nice and early…is the day it starts to downpour first thing.

When people comment “your hands are full!” about how many kids we have makes me want to punch them in the face. BUT I am working to just remind myself that my heart is even more full!

Do not believe anyone when they say boys are not as vocal as girls. I have two toddler boys that can out-scream any of my girls. 🙂


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