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SUMMER!….is pretty much over. I don’t even remember when it started, though. I had such big plans for my business and for enjoying the weather. And it seems none of it happened!

My husband’s cousin passed away the last week of June. His funeral was on my birthday. Such a sad, unexpected loss!

Then, we went camping with my big family. 🙂 It was a lot of fun, even with the rain!

I found out a childhood friend had overdosed and died. I went home to attend his funeral. An awfully sad event, but it actually gave me the chance to see two of my best friends from high school and catch up with them.

After that we learned my husband’s grandpa was bleeding internally and, because of his age and frailty, it couldn’t be fixed. We prepared the kids to say goodbye and visited him at the hospital before he went on hospice. BUT, he was able to stay alive for another two weeks! We were able to visit him again at his nursing home, though he wasn’t awake. My oldest was able to confirm that Great-Grandpa had accepted Jesus into his heart! We were thrilled to hear this. He passed away last week. We attended his funeral yesterday. It was a bittersweet day. My kids were sad to say goodbye to their grandfather, but they know he is in Heaven. My oldest son is Arthur IV, named after this grandfather, who was Arthur Sr. I am so glad all the Arthur’s were able to get a photo two years ago. It will be a nice picture to give our son when he is older. We also got to visit with some extended family that we rarely see. The kids loved seeing all their Great Aunts and Uncles. (and they loved the attention all the adults gave them! HA!)

We started school last week, and I feel like we are just flying by the seat of our pants. I planned out the lessons but I haven’t yet bought my favorite school planner, so it doesn’t feel very organized! 🙂

Our “old” house is stuck in this crazy limbo with the short sale/foreclosure junk, and it is frustrating. I am constantly noticing how much bitterness I have about it….when I am blowing up at the kids about dumb things. I clearly haven’t learned the lesson of giving it over to God.

I am not on Facebook now because I need the break from it. My moods and emotions were tied to that dumb site. I found myself obsessing over people’s posts, envying people’s vacation pics, and pouring any free time into mindlessly scrolling the news feed. It is ridiculous. I deleted the app and plan to get my priorities at home straight before I gradually allow myself back on. Isn’t that crazy?…that I have to detox myself from Facebook?…that I can feel some withdrawal already because I am not hopping on there to read statuses during my down time?! Just confirms to me that I need to stay off of there.

Today, my plans are to can a bunch of Roma and large tomatoes for our stockpile. I am back to storing foods for emergencies. Canning the tomatoes is a great way for me to stay on top of it. Our garden gave us a HUGE amount of tomatoes, and I am so happy to be able to can them for use down the road. I was able to make a total of 18 cups of marinara sauce to freeze, 6 pints of whole cherry tomatoes frozen, and 6 pints of chopped tomatoes frozen. I have three large bowls of tomatoes on my counter. I will probably can 2/3 of them and maybe make some more freezer marinara. We used tomatoes and marinara a lot, so it will be nice to have on hand.


Phew! That was a lot of babble. 🙂 Since I won’t be on Facebook, I am hoping to stay regular with posts, get more crochet work done, and keep up with preserving.

Have a good week!


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