Menu Plan Monday

Just a “regular” week here, except that it is freezing again. 🙂 I guess that could be considered regular now, too, unfortunately. Simple menu, some crockpot, some soups. And, as always, one day of pizza (frozen, of course).
Cereal x 2
Waffles x 2
Muffins x 2
Lunch(always with a fruit or applesauce, yogurt, and maybe chips..whatever we have on hand)
Leftovers x 3
PB & Honey/Jelly x 3
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Rice Soup
Easy Cheesy BBQ Chicken (just had this last week and we love it, so we’re doing it again!)
Beef Barley Soup (didn’t get made last week and still have all the ingredients on hand)
Creamy Potato Soup (meatless)
This is for Sunday through Thursday night; I plan to shop Friday morning and work on a menu for Friday through the following Thursday. I had myself mixed up with days and menu. This cold weather has made me a little loopy!
What’s your menu look like this week??

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