End of the Week…..YES!

It wasn’t an extremely stressful week, I am just happy it’s over. Ethan and I are still a little congested, so that is getting pretty annoying. I feel bad for him because I have to suction the snot out of his nose, since he can’t blow it out. Hopefully it will gone soon, though. It’s becoming a little less each day; I’m just over it already.

So here’s a little of what we did this week:

  • PB & J Muffins (recipe soon! They were oh-so-good….wish I could take the credit for the recipe!)
  • Oatmeal Applesauce muffins (again, coming soon with the recipe)
  • Butterscotch Brownies – yum! we added some chocolate chips on top (of course, we add chocolate to all desserts!) and let them melt on the warm brownies then spread it around. Deelish!
  • Ordered our Melaleuca! Excited to try even more new items!
  • Went to the library but forgot to load the double stroller. NIGHTMARE!
  • School work. Nothing overly exciting. Just some learnin’. 🙂 It went well without too much complaining.
  • Back on track with housework, since I can breathe a little better this week.
  • I spent too much time reading blogs, and the older girls spent too much time playing games on their Kindles. Still working on that…
  • Made up a new soup recipe for tonight because I wasn’t fond of the menu plan options left. We’ll see how it tastes and maybe I’ll post it.
There are more things that I’m forgetting, I’m sure. That library trip, though….man! I was so NOT wanting to go in once I realized I forgot to put the stroller in the back. (Just to clarify, I usually always leave the stroller in the car, but my sweet husband took it out last Friday when we went grocery shopping. I forgot he did, and I walked right past it in the garage when we loaded up to leave.) We had to run in Meijer first to get like 5 items, and then once I remembered we had no stroller I tried talking the kids out of going….in my awesome motherly fashion. They didn’t like that, and since I had pumped them up about getting out and getting books…I figured I owed them the trip. We were doing ok walking in, then as soon as Buddy got in there and realized HE COULD TOUCH EVERYTHING, he took off like a crazy man. His normal voice’s volume is extremely loud, but he really turned it up for the librarians! The ladies in the children’s section smiled because we clearly weren’t the only family there with a hooligan. The ladies at the front desk? Not so much. I thought they were going to kick us out. Then we spotted our regular check-out gal and she made it all better. She thought it was great he was excited to be there and wanted to see everything. My guess is she was not the lady who was going to be reshelving everything Buddy had “read” while we were there. She did a great job engaging him, though, so we could check out our books. He decided afterward to try and race me out the doors. I actually grabbed him by the head (not my coolest mom move) because it was the only part of him I was able to grab – his coat was too slippery and I was carrying Ethan in his seat on my other arm! Iris and Lily had the 600 books we checked out and were whining that their arms hurt. They were slightly reddish-purple but they certainly weren’t going to fall off. Addy was whining, as usual, that her legs couldn’t walk anymore. I grabbed Buddy’s head and held him by the face to tell him (with a lovely older gentleman looking at me - eyes WIDE open) that he can’t run out the doors alone. I kinda wanted to leave all the kids there and just take off running outside myself because I was embarrassed, more by my own behavior than Buddy’s. He, at least, had the excuse that he is two years old! I just looked like one of those women you see and think “why does she have so many kids? she clearly can’t control them.”
Ah well,….you win some, you lose some. I tend to lose mine always IN PUBLIC. They never see me winning. I would have tried to tell of my winning moments, but I had a boy’s head in my grip at the time. Not exactly the best time to try and explain why I am a winner.
Happy weekend everyone!!!



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