Homeschool Checkup

I just cannot believe it is February. We have just over 3 months left of our school year!! I am still on track to finish before Memorial Day (fingers crossed!), and we are happy about that. From what I’m hearing, the schools in the area have days to make up. Iris is very happy she is homeschooled after hearing that. 🙂

This month, we are focusing on biographies – what the word means and reading different ones. Some we are reading are actual Readers that the girls will be reading to us as a group, and some of them I am reading to them. The biographies we are reading have to do with Presidents or people in their lives. This week’s selections were What To Do About Alice? (about Alice Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt’s daughter) and George Washington and the General’s Dog (a story about the dog Washington found during a battle; it’s a reader and Iris read this one to us yesterday). A couple of the Lincoln books I wanted to check out were not at the library, so I will try to get those next week or some time before the end of the month.

Lily and Iris both checked out books about cooking from the library. Lily tested a recipe and made us guacamole two nights ago. It was delicious! She wants to make scrambled eggs for us next. Iris’ book is a little more advanced, and she is looking to make us spaghetti and meatballs out of it! It’s a pretty big recipe, but I honestly think she could do it. She loves being in the kitchen and often thinks up new snack recipes. Have I told you about her “frogs on a log”? Instead of raisins on peanut butter-covered celery, she puts chocolate chips on! It was pretty clever….and I like it better than the raisins, to be quite honest!

We’re also working on some February-specific words and their spelling. Words like candy, heart, Washington, groundhog, etc. Iris and Lily were able to read them all, so I want to focus on them spelling them correctly now. Iris has a tendency to rush her writing and just spell things quickly…and incorrectly, just to get the work done. Lily often just whines about not knowing how to spell, even before she’s tried! Drives me nuts because I know they can both spell properly

Addy is showing a HUGE interest in writing lately; I decided to jump on that and really start teaching her letter formation. I know a lot of four year olds that are in preschool already know how to write letters, and I was feeling like she was behind. I know she isn’t behind (remember when preschool wasn’t a big deal and kids just started Kindergarten as their first year of school??), so I didn’t want to push her into something before she was interested. A lot of people are writing lately about not starting “formal” schooling until after six years old and just letting kids have “organized imaginative play” most of the day. I liked that idea for Addy – she is very imaginative and likes to play real-life with her babies and with Buddy. Now that she is interested in writing actual letters and not just scribbling, we are moving into it. And it seems much more enjoyable for us all. 🙂 She is only four, and I am okay with her losing interest if she does in the next few months. I am only going to do the work with her while she is interested. I really want her to ENJOY school, and not just do it because she thinks she needs to right now. She and Buddy could play “house” for hours, and I like seeing them really use their imaginations.

I am hoping to get some field trips in before the end of the year; this winter was very difficult with getting out, just me with all the kids. I am positive that next school year would be a little easier because Ethan will understand a little more and be walking, so he could get out of the stroller for outdoor-type field trips.

And that’s about it for school right now. It’s been pretty routine, as we’ve been stuck inside due to the cold and snow lately. Today’s a baking day, so we will probably end early and start baking – which everyone will be happy with!!

Anyone doing anything exciting with their kids this month – school related or otherwise??



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