Why Melaleuca?

If you follow me on Facebook, you probably noticed I have posted a lot about Melaleuca in the past month or two. You might even be tired of reading posts about Melaleuca. I thought I should post one entry to explain what exactly I am talking about and why I am constantly talking about it!

Melaleuca is a US based company that manufactures and distributes over 350 products for health and wellness.

I know what you are thinking….oh, this is another Avon or Pampered Chef or Mary Kay company. She’s just jumping on a new “business” and trying to sell everyone on it.

Well, YES and NO!

This is NOT like the other companies because it is not a bunch of novelty or specialty items that you go to a party and buy or order once or twice a year. Melaleuca offers products that we use EVERY DAY. Things like laundry detergent, glass cleaner, bathroom cleaner, disinfectant spray, and dishwasher detergent. They also have items like hand soap, lotion, kid body wash, bath soap, toothpaste, acetaminophen, vitamins, and supplements. Other things like glucose control, sports nutrition, weight loss, and healthy snacks are also available! They exist to offer healthy alternatives to the toxin-filled options at the store. They want to help people with their health and fitness goals and live healthier lives.

So, NO it isn’t just some new business. I am not hosting parties. I don’t keep inventory on hand to sell. I didn’t have to pay some start up fee. I simply switched my shopping over to Melaleuca products and began sharing with others. I get revenue sharing…just for helping others switch their shopping habits.

With Melaleuca, they offer a Preferred Customer membership. Customers enroll (for just $1 until January 31!! $29 after that.) and say they will buy 35 points in products each month. For that commitment, Melaleuca offers 30-40% off their regular prices. You order online or by phone and they ship it to your door! I love having a shorter list now when I go to the store!!

So, 35 points is about $50-60 in products. I have yet to find a month where I didn’t have something to by. We run out of things constantly here, between cleaning supplies and bath products…we are always close to finishing a bottle of something! I have been so busy replenishing what we’ve run out of, I still have their whole line of makeup to try!

With the Preferred Customer commitment, they offer (as of January 1, 2014) the opportunity to watch videos about their products and earn money to get free products in their Learn to Earn program. So, not only do they WANT people to know about the products they’re buying but they are rewarding you for it….with free products! After six months of membership, you start earning up to 15% of Loyalty Dollars when you order online by the 25th of each month. You can save those up and use them for more free products! Or you can apply them right to your next order.

Melaleuca also offers the chance to get rebates for shopping online through their site with over 600 retailers – places like Kohl’s, Target, Best Buy, Cabela’s, etc. So, you buy online like you normally would with those companies…but through Melaleuca’s site with your Preferred Customer membership and you get a % in rebate!

The only thing you have to do to keep your Preferred Customer membership is order once a month at least 35 points. If you think you probably don’t spend that much each month on those items,….look at your last month’s shopping bill. How much did your cleaners, makeup, snacks, vitamins, and those types of items cost you?? Even if you spent less using coupons, how many of those items contained zero toxic chemicals? How many of them actually IMPROVED your health, rather than damage it? Melaleuca’s cleaners are all ammonia and bleach free….AND they do an exceptional job of cleaning. They use citrus and essential oils to have the cleaning and disinfecting powers to get the jobs done…without hurting your body with harsh fumes or requiring you wear gloves before touching it.

Still thinking it costs too much to switch? What about getting in on the revenue sharing and having your products paid for? When you team up with Melaleuca (for no additional cost, fee or expenses), you receive a referral bonus for each person you introduce to Melaleuca and enroll. THEN you get “commission” each time they order after their first month! So, you don’t have to do any more work than sharing how much you love Melaleuca and helping them get in on the savings! There is no inventory to purchase and lug around from party to party. Yes, you CAN host a party. You CAN have a big get together to share. But you don’t have to. You can simply go one-on-one with people and share your Melaleuca experience and explain all the awesome benefits I mentioned above. You help them enroll and THAT’S IT.

Honestly. As a stay-at-home mom, who homeschools and works to cook from scratch 90% of the time….even I have time for this! I am not out there hosting a nightly party or keeping track of my inventory. I am simply sharing. AND LOVING IT.

So, enough about the business. πŸ™‚ Here are our favorite products so far:

Renew Lotion – all three of my girls have eczema and this has cleared it up! We use it daily on all of us because of this extremely cold and dry winter, and it is amazing.

MelaPower laundry detergent – gentle enough for my sensitive skin babes. No breakouts, no skin irritations. It uses essential oils for fragrance. Fabulous!

Sol-U-Mel stain remover – works great on carpet! Between dropped food, spilled cups, vomit and spit up….it has cleaned it all up and gotten rid of the smells! (and since it’s not toxic…I don’t have to make sure the little ones aren’t touching the wet area after I spray and clean it!! A HUGE plus!)

PreSpot laundry stain spray – removes even the greasy hand prints from pepperoni pizza. πŸ™‚ Also handles ketchup stains. We have a lot of food on clothes (always seems to be the white shirts, too. hmmm…) and I haven’t found a stain that PreSpot couldn’t handle. Just heard yesterday that it even works on car grease that gets on clothes! Awesomeness!

Sustain Sports drink mix – my husband uses it in place of Gatorade. I found that it also works wonderful for electrolyte replacement after someone is sick. We had a stomach bug come through here and we used Sustain to help several of us after not being able to keep much in our tummies. AND, it has no artificial sweeteners!!

I am sure we will have more favorites as we try new things. I have loved everything we use, and I am so glad a friend at church introduced me to Melaleuca.

Until January 31, they are offering their Preferred Customer membership for just $1! Lots of people make resolutions to be healthier…and Melaleuca wants to help continue the resolution!! That $28 discount on the membership could be just what you and your family need to see how great their products are and just what you need to keep being healthy this year!!

I would love to share more. There is SO much more to share! Let’s chat! I am free to share any time between now and Friday night! Comment below or call me (yes, I am putting my personal phone number on here….that’s how convinced I am that Melaleuca is a great alternative to the toxins at the store!!!) 847-894-4418 and I can answer any questions you have or help you enroll. Don’t miss out on the savings! And don’t miss out on healthier living!!



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