Things That Irk Me…to no end. :)

1. The fact that no matter how clean I get the bathroom sink, it is disgusting again after the next meal. I mean, really! Chocolate or red sauce caked on the underside of the faucet?! What are these children doing in there???

2. The laundry is never really ALL clean. Someone is dirtying a shirt or pooping their pants, just as I see that the laundry baskets are empty. It is as if they have a mental alarm that goes off to alert them to dirty themselves just as I finish putting the last of the cleaned clothes away.

3. When people ask me what I do for “socialization”, since we homeschool. I’m sorry…did you not count how many of us there are?! I have never met more imaginative and playful children. I don’t know what you mean by “socialization”. Do you mean do I organize times for them to get together with kids their own age? Well, my three oldest are within 3 years of each other. My two year old son can barely play alone without hurting himself. And my youngest just wants to eat pages out of books. So, I think we are ok for now. Oh, and did I mention WE HAVE FIVE CHILDREN?! That’s pretty much a built-in playgroup.(And we go to church and they are all in different groups/classes with kids their exact same age. So, relax…)

4. When the same people from #3 ask about how my kids will learn to sit still in a classroom setting. Well, I don’t know. Because I NEVER have my children sit and listen. We never sit down so I can help them with a lesson or to read or to explain something or to just catch up on our day. And we NEVER make them sit down together to eat a meal. And their Dad has NEVER made them sit and listen to him while he explains why we can’t just punch each other when we’re angry. (Oh wait. That last one….no such thing has ever been discussed here. Although, we don’t socialize, so who knows what my kids think is acceptable in society…)

5. When the dog smells. Which seems to be so much more often these days. He is old. I am lazy with bathing him. I can’t imagine why he smells so much lately.

6. Winter…from January to March. Ugh. There is just nothing happening. And this winter it has been so. stinking. cold.

7. Why strangers even bother asking me questions about how I run our homeschool. I am irritated by the fact that SO many people feel the need to ask details about what we’re learning. I can’t remember the last time (because there never was a time) when I asked a stranger how well they followed up on their child’s studies. I mean, I suppose I should be concerned with random people’s children and their learning. I suppose I should be asking others if they help their kids with homework, if they make sure their child is sitting in class, if their child’s teacher is following the CORE curriculum perfectly. I guess I need to be nosier. Because I really should concern myself with others’ education. Heaven forbid I just worry about my own kids.

8. When the mailman or the garbage guy comes during nap time. Is it too much to ask that you all arrive at the SAME time each time you come? One day it’s 10:30am, the next it’s 2:30. I mean, come on! I have a dog!! He barks at EVERYTHING!!! I am in desperate need of quiet time, but if you make my dog bark…I don’t get that time. And then my unsocialized, barbaric children awake and start punching each other. And because I can’t get them to sit down, it’s just all downhill from there.

9. The fact that I took the time to type this all out. I know no one cares what irks me.

(There was a five minute break here.)

And, just as I typed number 9….my 4 year old yells up to me that my 2 year old has to poo. Except, he needed to poop about 10 minutes ago and waited too long because he was watching Alice in Wonderland. Sooo, he pooped his pants. I would tell you I just finished up laundry today…but then I’m reminded of #2.

It is never-ending, folks. NEVER. ENDING.



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