Ham and Tato Skillet

I love ham. And I love my cast iron pan. And I love this recipe. 🙂


Ham and Tato Skillet

(you’ll notice a lack of measurements on most of the ingredients. just use as much as you need to feed your people!)

Chopped ham

1 small onion, diced

Peeled and diced potatoes

Garlic powder




Frozen corn

Cheddar cheese – as much as you can handle 🙂

1. Heat cast iron pan on medium heat and melt some butter in it. Place potatoes and onions and seasoning in pan. Make sure you have enough butter in there is lightly coat the potatoes. Add more as needed. Cook until potatoes and onions are soft and bottom layer are browned. Lower heat to low.

2. Add ham and corn. Heat through.

3. Top with cheese and let melt. Eat!

You could add peppers or other meats or whatever you wanted to this. It is a pretty simple dish that could be dressed up. I just needed an easy, quick meal. Be sure to keep your potatoes pieces very small, so they cook quickly. Larger pieces will take longer or may still be crunchy when you eat.

And this makes a delicious leftover meal for breakfast the next day!


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