A Fresh Start

After a few weeks of limited time to myself, we have fallen into a nice routine for the new year. We ended 2013 with a bit of craziness – a touch of some sort of stomach bug and finding out our tenant trashed our townhouse. It was actually a pretty depressing way to end a year, but we have started 2014 completely opposite. Everyone was healthy by New Years day and our townhouse damages ended up costing us much less than we initially thought. So thankful for that!

Every year, I say I am not doing resolutions because it is so trendy. But EVERY SINGLE YEAR I make mental resolutions and keep them to myself (so I appear non-trendy, haha!). This year I was very caught up in what was happening around here that I didn’t get a chance to think about resolutions or things to change. I did join a group of ladies for a Fitness Challenge that goes through the end of January, and my goal with that is to be intentionally physically active for 4 days a week. So far, so good.

I also found a new housekeeping routine that seems to be working fabulously for us. It was FREE and customizable; although, I used the pre-filled checklist as it seems to cover everything I would put on my own list. Go HERE if you’d like to check it out. I was doing most of the items to begin with, but I just had trouble assigning them to days (and making sure I did them on that day). This is handy and cuts back on time I’d use to sit and write out my weekly lists.

Here are some things we are changing or putting more emphasis/focus on:

1. Keeping with my housework schedule (courtesy of The Confident Mom’s Household Planner)

2. Increasing our emergency food supply (I was doing this before, just going to focus a little more on being consistent. I will explain more in another post about what this is and why I like to do it.)

3. Decreasing my yelling (oh yes, I yell….often. It is pretty embarrassing. I want to stop completely, so I am taking baby steps to do so.)

4. Pray more consistently for my husband.

My plan is to have posts about all of these things – my struggles, my goals, my resources. I don’t have any resolutions pertaining to the blog. Right now, my kids are little and when I try to put priority on blogging it always blows up in my face. I think that is God’s way of saying the blog isn’t a top priority right now. So, I’m ok with that. 🙂


Do you have any resolutions? Care to share??


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