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Bake It Tuesday

The only thing I am baking today is biscuits for dinner. I did my big baking day on Saturday. We made blueberry muffins, using a new recipe from this blog. They were so delicious, and I loved not having to double my regular recipe because this one makes two dozen!

I also baked up some Chocolate Chocolate Chip Bread with peanuts. That recipe came out of a Taste of Home baking book my mom gave me for Christmas last year. I couldn’t believe I had not run across that recipe until now. It was SUPER yummy. The original recipe called for pecans, but we aren’t big pecan people…so I used peanuts instead, knowing the kids would be ok with it, too.

The other item I baked was 4 mini loaves of banana chocolate chip bread. I used the recipe from that same Taste of Home book, which was very similar to the ingredients in my “normal” banana chocolate chip bread…but the measurements were already set for the mini loaves, so I went with that. (I was not in the mood to multiply or divide anything on Saturday; I just wanted to bake!)

Tonight, we are having Cream of Chicken Rice Soup….so Pillsbury is helping me out with the biscuits for dinner. 🙂 Yes, I should’ve made my own biscuits. But it was so tempting to just go with the can instead. Gives me more time to crochet…


Have you baked anything new this week?? Feel free to share!


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