Things I’ve Learned Recently…

1. I have to make decisions for our family’s food intake and not let anyone (especially Social Media…sheesh!) make me feel bad about it!

2. I absolutely need time with God every MORNING in order to get through my day without being completely ashamed of myself by noon.

3. I have pretty much become my mother. It’s ok…I’m not complaining at all. 🙂 I actually quite enjoy it. Little things happen, and I find myself thinking “Wow! I sound just like my Mom!” Hopefully I represent her well…she’s a pretty wonderful Mom.

4. Homeschooling is HARD! I need to give it more preparation than I have in the past. My bigger girls are in need of information…constantly! I have to keep them busy…they are so eager to learn, and I need to jump on that!

5. Having five children is HARD! My paper routines and checklists are probably never going to keep up with us. I write down things as I go because it is becoming more and more difficult to plan my day (in detail) ahead of time. And I’m learning to live with that!

6. Being a wife is really HARD some days. I still struggle with being a team and the whole being submissive thing. I blame Eve (you know, Garden of Eden Eve). She made a stupid decision to eat that fruit….should’ve consulted her husband first. I have the SAME problem sometimes…should just consult my husband. I may not always agree with everything he says/does, but boy does he seem to know exactly what I need to hear about a decision I need to make! Hmmm….seems maybe God put us together for a reason. Who knew?! 🙂

7. GRACE! I still struggle with giving it…and always forget how much God has extended to me. It is so shameful how wrong I am towards people. Give a little grace….I try and repeat that to myself often. And I still fail. BUT, still thankful for God’s never-ending grace.

8. I will NEVER shop on a Saturday morning again…EVER! The crazies come out…in herds. I am so frustrated by the time I’m done. I will just stick to my weekday shopping…even if it means I won’t always get a kid-free trip. I would rather handle my five restless children than the ridiculous adults that come out on Saturday mornings!!

9. I love Jesus. I do. I don’t always show it. It doesn’t always come across in my reaction to things. But I do. And I want my kids to love Him, too. I really do.

10. My Dad was very right about a lot of things. And he might never see this (unless you show him, Mom!), but he is probably THE wisest man I know. The older I get, the more children I had, and the deeper my love for my husband grows….the more I realize what an awesome example I have in my father. I made  a lot of dumb mistakes in my younger adult years. Mistakes both my husband and I are eagerly willing to admit to. Mistakes I will share with my children and pray they don’t make. I wasted a lot of precious time as a young adult with my dad. Months/years I spent being stubborn and unwilling to acknowledge my sins…..and it’s time I won’t ever get back with my father. Yes, he is still here and I have this time now to be with him. BUT, he was firm in his faith for an important reason, and I was too stupid to admit it then. I pray so fervently that my girls do not make mistakes that I did. That when they find a man they want to spend their lives with…they are mature enough to step back and see if the timing is right for getting married.

My dad said to wait on the marriage thing. We didn’t. I regret it. I do NOT regret being married to Arthur…just the timing. I did not have my dad to walk me down the aisle…and I do regret that. I was angry at him for it…but since having children, I see I was the immature and stubborn one. 😦

And that’s all. I’ve been thinking a lot this week. God is gracious and forgiving. I am eternally grateful for that.


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