Homeschool Checkup


I have enjoyed our week so far. The girls really enjoy math more than they used to. We are doing more hands-on examples for the money problems and angles, so I think it is easier for them to understand the concepts.

Yesterday, I planned out two weeks of lessons. Boy was that a hassle! I must have picked the worst day and time EVER to accomplish it. Iris and Lily were bickering. Addy and Buddy were hitting and whining. Ethan was teething. And I was hungry. All those things together made for a lousy planning session.

But it got done.

This coming week, we are taking the whole week off! My husband will be home all week, so I am giving us a break for 5 full days! Iris is overjoyed! She was hoping the break was permanent, though.

Nothing thrilling happened with school work this week. We spaced it out over the days, taking breaks when we needed to and cramming a lot in when necessary. It worked out and we are alive. No complaints. 🙂


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