Homeschool Checkup

School is going very well. Some highlights from our week:

– Iris and Lily did some homework on the front porch. I LOVE that they can sit outside and work when it is nice!!

– We went to a park by the river. It was a last minute decision, and I am SO glad we went. The kids released some energy, and I loved the fresh air! We also walked a little bit on the trail there and went down on the rocks by the water and found little shells!

– We studied some consumer math (grocery shopping), psychology (keeping little ones happy at the store), and our manners (not tooting or burping in public). 🙂 It was mostly a success. HA!

– Iris’ handwriting is so much better. She prints so pretty…I love it!

– Lily amazed me with her addition skills. She can just picture the numbers in her head and add them! I am extremely impressed by her math abilities!

– Buddy is potty trained!! Only wears a diaper at nap and bedtime because he is such a heavy sleeper. But, as of today, he does everything else on the toilet during his awake hours! I am ecstatic!! One more to go with diapers!

– Ethan is teething again…and it’s not so joyful. He is up at night and crabby during the day. I feel bad because he doesn’t seem comforted by much. 😦 Hopefully those teeth give him relief soon.

– Addy is the best person to converse with. She will go on and on in detail about her dreams or  memories. She is wonderful to sit and talk with…although she does most of the talking.

– We read about a million books this week, and we all enjoyed it.

– Iris is almost finished with her book for book club! Her first meeting is Friday, and she has just two short chapters left. She was very disciplined with setting aside time to read. Proud Mama here!!

And that was most of our week. Care to share how yours is going??


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