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Bake It Tuesday

I know it is Wednesday. Sue me. 🙂

Yesterday was a busy day. I ended up making about 12 cups of chicken broth out of a carcass we roasted the day before.

I also decided to bake granola bars. It has been a long time since I have made them, and I know my husband likes them. The weather was nice and cool for most of the day, so it was a good day to bake. I substituted half of the honey in the recipe with agave nectar. Honey was getting low here, and I wanted to save some for the kids’ sandwiches. I also had some rye flour I used in place of the whole wheat flour. For some reason, I couldn’t find my whole wheat flour….until I was done mixing everything up, of course. I usually put my whole wheat flour in the freezer in a plastic container. The last time I purchased it, I put it in there as I bought it. When I went to look in the freezer I didn’t see the container and thought I was out. So, I grabbed the rye flour….and then found the package of wheat flour afterward. 🙂 Typical.

They tasted pretty good. I prefer all honey and whole wheat flour, but they are just as healthy and delicious.

I have some brothers of mine staying this weekend for a marathon they are running with Arthur. I plan to bake again on Saturday morning – maybe some double chocolate brownies (yum!) and some apple banana muffins/bread.

Did you bake anything this week? Anything new or super delicious you’d like to share??


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