Menu Plan

Menu Plan : September 14 – 20

I planned out some fairly easy meals for this week. I am learning that the unexpected should just be…well, expected. To cope with things that keep coming up, I am goingto keep it simple for dinners for now. I still plan to try new recipes, but they will be easy ones. 


Waffles, fruit x 3

Eggs, english muffins, fruit x 2

Cereal x 2


PB & J, fruit, carrot sticks, chips x 3

Leftovers x 3

Mac and cheese, fruit


Tortellini, green beans, carrots

Shredded chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, carrots, applesauce

Chicken taco casserole, salad


BBQ Pork Sandwiches, corn, raw veggies

Grilled cheddar sausages,chips, applesauce

Shredded pork, rice, green beans, applesauce





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