I cannot believe it is almost Fall. This coming week is supposed to have a ninety degree  day, so I don’t think the weather is quite ready. 🙂

We are moving right along in our school year. Each day comes with new challenges, of course. It wouldn’t be exciting, I suppose, without the craziness of our children. Yesterday was a bit over the top, though.

Buddy is back to working on potty training. He stayed dry all morning but failed to get to the bathroom for #2. Addy alerted us by yelling, and I watched as he dropped little nuggets with each step out of her room. It wasn’t enough to drop it, he had to STEP in one as well!

We got him cleaned up and changed and back to playing. Addy was further traumatized when she tried to get into her closet for toys and found more droppings instead! One was unfortunately lying on a baby toy. (I scrubbed that toy with soap, but I might just toss it because I don’t know if I can stomach Ethan putting that in his mouth ever again!)

with the poop fiascos (yes, that was plural….yesterday was not the first incident this week), I am exhausted!

I still struggle with finding a routine at works for us. I know it is trial and error, but we’ve been really feeling the ERROR part lately. I am grouchy and frustrated. Had it not been for his hospital stay, I feel like Buddy would be potty trained by now! We were doing so well before. I feel defeated for sure.

Ethan is back to sleeping through the night again finally. Between his teething and struggle with trying new food(and not eating and going to bed still hungry), he was up several times a night. We have overcome the food issues, and the teething seems to have halted for now. He is getting a good ten or eleven hours of sleep! I am so thankful for that victory!!

I don’t like to complain publicly because I feel like people are thinking “why in the world did you have kids if you are just going to complain?” And I know there are women aching to have children of their own. I just feel completely overwhelmed with making things work.

Getting breakfast on the table, diapers changed, school started, school completed, lunch ready, potty training, baked goods made, meals planned, dinner started, errands run, and on and on.

I feel like I am always behind. I am always rushing. I always have a deadline. A checklist. Another thing to do! And if there are any last-minute additions to my list….forget it!

I am not complaining that we are not getting things done. It all gets done. But I notice I am NOT happy when I do it. I am so grouchy at the kids. It is as if I can master the tasks but not the correct attitude. And then if I focus on the attitude, I run out of time for the tasks because it requires me to slow down and focus! And then I am grouchy again because we are behind!!! It feels like a lose-lose situation.

I know the tasks are not what is important to God…it is the attitude. But the tasks are what we need to make it through our day. I am at a loss for balance here.

And then there is the blog. I can menu plan and try new recipes and do fun activities with the kids, but I am out of time to post. Not that the blog should be a priority….I get that. But I like sharing, and it is a nice release for me.

So where is the balance? How do I get through this season in my life,….joyfully?! How do I stop being such a control freak about everything?!!!!

I appreciate anything you have to say….Bible verses, a slap in the face reality check, anything! 🙂

(and just a side note, I saw my friends newborn twins on FaceTime the other night, and it actually made we want to have another baby. seriously!! what is wrong with me?!)


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