Recipe: Ham and Cheese Rollups

For a super easy dinner during the Summer, these Ham and Cheese Rollups are the best. On days like we had yesterday – hot and VERY humid – this type of dinner requiring no heat is ideal!


Tortillas (we used 8 to feed us, but some ended up just eating the ham and cheese without the tortilla!)

Dijon mustard (or ranch, if your kids think dijon mustard is too “hot”…like mine)

Ham off the bone, as much as you’d like (or even ham lunchmeat, if that’s what you have)

Provolone Cheese, as much as  you’d like (we cut an 8 oz block into little strips)

1. Spread mustard/ranch down the middle of a tortilla. Lay ham and cheese in middle area also and roll up tortilla.

2. THAT’S IT! 🙂

We enjoyed this quick-prep dish with salads, raw veggies, and green beans! It was so nice to not heat up the oven or crockpot and to only have to spend about 5 minutes on the meal before we were able to sit down and eat!


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