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Random Tips

Lately, I have had several situations that required some out-of-the-ordinary solutions. Between my mother, blogs I’ve come across, and books I’ve read I was able to find just the right thing to remedy these issues.

Here’s a list of some random tips, in case you’re ever in need 🙂 :

1. Use a safety-pin to stop static cling. Pin the safety-pin on the underside of your skirt/dress (making sure you can’t see it from the front, of course!) and it will get rid of static cling.

I did this for the mother of the bride at my friend’s wedding, and it worked instantly!

2. Mix baking soda and water to make a paste for removing stains from the carpet. Apply the paste to the stain/mark and rub. After it dries, vacuum up the dried baking soda. (This paste seems to work better than using Oxi-Clean, as it doesn’t discolor any carpets.)

My wonderful children marked up my in-laws’ cream carpet with a red dry erase marker recently. I whipped up the baking soda paste and it removed the marker right away!

3. Use the “goop” right off an aloe vera plant for sunburns…and save yourself some money!

I bought Iris an aloe vera plant for a lesson in responsibility, and it came in handy just the other day. My girls all had red, painful shoulders after playing outside all day. When they finished baths, we broke off a piece of the plant and rubbed it right on their skin. They felt better immediately, although Addy thought it was “yucky” to put plant guts on her. 🙂

4. Coconut oil is a great moisturizer. I used it all winter on Buddy’s cheeks, as they seemed to get chapped or dry any time we went outside. It works great to relieve dry skin, and it smells great. An added bonus is that if the child moves while you’re applying it to his cheeks and some of it goes in his mouth (which happened several times)…it’s ok for him to eat! Buddy sees the coconut oil container and says “cheeks!” each time now.

5. Tea tree oil works great on acne! While breastfeeding, I have such a hard time with acne. My hormones are all over the place; I feel like I’m 15 again. 😦 BUT, I have found great results with a good diet and tea tree oil. I have one that is ok to be applied directly to the face with a cotton ball or q-tip. (You should be careful, however, that you READ the bottle before applying it directly to your face. From my understanding, full strength tea tree oil needs to be diluted before putting on your face.) It seems to relieve the redness quickly and help heal them. It has anti-bacterial properties to do so.

I know I have more things I discovered recently, but these are what I can think of for now.

Do you have an interesting tip to share? It can be for anything – health, hygiene, house. Feel free to comment with yours!


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