This week is National TV Free Week. We are observing it here…somewhat. 🙂 It honestly has been pretty easy because A) we have school in the mornings and B) it’s been so nice out. The kids have been going outside around 9am and staying out mostly until lunch. Today, though, they did some inside to finish schoolwork because we were all sweating so badly! Some of the little ones lie down for naps after lunch, and the rest of us hang outside until I need to work on dinner.

Since I’m keeping the kids from the TV most of the day, I said I would stay off the computer just as much. So, my posts on here are lacking because of it. And I don’t mind because we have had a lot of fun outside. It’s been a lot quieter and less stressful, when I stay offline.

I am also not working off of a menu plan this week. With less stress of posts and my Facebook addiction (I hear it’s a real thing now), I have been planning as I go. So far, so good. We’ve enjoyed Cheeseburger Mac Casserole and Taco Night. This evening, we are having my version of Chicken Cacciatore.

OH, and we have a fence now! So, that’s another plus to our week. The kids can roam around while I am in the kitchen…and I can see all of them. And the dog LOVES it! no more leash out there for him.

My husband also built me 2 garden beds and surprised me with a tumbling composter! We’re experimenting with the garden and the composting. I’ve been reading up on both and I am praying we have a successful garden. I feel like I WANT to have a green thumb, but that maybe I don’t really have one! I guess we’ll find out!

Happy Spring…finally!


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