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Bake It Tuesday

I am putting my dehydrator to good use this week! Believe it or not, I really wanted one for my birthday and my husband got it for me last Summer…..but I’ve only used it ONCE! I made banana chips right after I received it.

This week, I decided it was time to pull it back out!

Yesterday, I made pineapple chips. With just one pineapple I got probably 25 chips. I made them pretty thin, so we could get more out of it. 🙂 I figured just a couple of the kids and I would like them, but SURPRISINGLY my husband likes them. He doesn’t eat pineapple, but he loved the chips! Even asked me for some in his lunch today. Yay!

Today, I am working on apple chips. I used just 4 apples, but it covered 3 1/2 trays, so hopefully that’ll be a decent amount. I was going to sprinkle them with cinnamon but decided to do this first batch plain, so we’d know who really liked the taste.

I LOVE dried fruit. So easy to do and pretty healthy too!



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