Homeschool Checkup

This was an exciting week for several reasons. Not all were a good kind of exciting, but there was excitement nonetheless.

Monday was our grocery shopping day. Iris and Lily took notepads and pens into the stores to write what we bought (to practice spelling) and write new words they read (to practice phonics). It went pretty well, but it did slow down our trip immensely! We had to break up the shopping into 2 trips – one in the morning and another after naps. All in all, it was pretty educational!

Tuesday we started potty training with Buddy. The morning was a disaster, but he did well after naps and stayed dry all afternoon and into the evening.

Wednesday, we continued with potty training. The first few hours of the morning went well. About 10 o’clock or so, while I was teaching Iris and Lily, Buddy came out of Addy’s room with an odd look on his face.( I had just sat him on the potty chair because it seemed like he needed to go. He didn’t go, so I sent him on his way.) He was telling me “bug” and bringing me something. I immediately noticed he had wet his training pants and started to talk to him about that, when I noticed the “bug” he was bringing me wasn’t a bug at all. He had apparently gone #2, it fell out the side of his training pants and he was delivering it to me. Eek! I started laughing, then noticed a trail of his “bugs” that went back into Addy’s room. It was a chaotic few moments, but I was laughing most of the time. 🙂

Yesterday, the crazy storms started coming through in the afternoon and they continued all night. Our yard flooded, and we worried about the basement but thankfully it was fine. We skipped class today to just enjoy a stuck inside day, watching the waters rise and recede. Then we built a big fort this afternoon to enjoy. It’s actually getting dark again, but no big storm is supposed to happen again. Just more rain.

I am STILL working on relaxing more during school time. I am so stuck on getting a certain number of things done each day, that I still miss out on some key learning opportunities. And I continue to get flustered with Iris when she needs me to teach her in a way that it opposite of how I’m wired to explain things. So, a continual learning experience for us all. 🙂

Addy FINALLY decided she wanted to learn to write letters correctly, and (without me pushing her to focus!) she wrote an “A” on her own over the weekend! I’m very proud of her.

There is always something to be learned….for everyone. If we stop learning, we stop growing. I try to explain that to my girls, but it is something I need to remember as well!



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