Rabbit Hole

Easter was wonderful; the kids got to visit with both sets of grandparents and most of their cousins!

I THOUGHT this week was going to be a regular week of school and running errands. I was mistaken.


My mom and youngest sister came yesterday to visit for the day, since my sister is on Spring Break. The kids and I were very excited to have them over.

The excitement began when I heard all three girls running up the stairs, calling for me.

“Mom! There’s a bunny in the window well!”

We all went downstairs and found….a rabbit in the window well. A pretty fat little rabbit was sitting at the bottom of the roughly 5 foot deep window well. No clue how long he’d been there, but we did notice he had apparently tried to burrow out the bottom because the one corner of gravel had been dug into.

My sister and I decided to help the little guy out of there. We donned fashionable work gloves and grabbed a box with a lid to scoop him up. Little did we know that as soon as I started climbing down into he would go psycho on us and start jumping almost the full 5 feet to try and escape. I was yelling and the bunny was jumping.

We finally were able to just pick him up while he was worn out, and we set him in the grass. He took off immediately, without even a thank you for us. ๐Ÿ™‚

It was quite an exciting day, really. Our dog had already lost his lunch from both ends of his little body…on our carpet. Disgusting. I have never dealt with dog diarrhea inside before. My husband called while I was cleaning it up; Iris quickly explained I couldn’t talk because the dog “has the diarrhea.”

I thought it’d be awesome to live on a farm some day, but after yesterday I’m just not sure I’m cut out for it.



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