Fitness Friday


I have been so bad about staying active lately. I’m blaming it on the sleepless nights with teething kids, sick kids, and that the baby still wakes up at least once to nurse. BUT, I know I should still find some time to exercise. It will help me feel less exhausted and less out of control with all that’s going on around here!

My advice is to find someone to help keep you on track with your goal or plans for staying active. Even if that person isn’t actually working out or exercising with you, they can still help keep you accountable.

Thankfully, I have my husband to encourage (or push!) me to stay active. He knows that I will be less crabby and exhausted if I can just get moving a little bit each day. I always say that I’m chasing kids around, so that’s being active. BUT I know that it’s not consistent and it doesn’t raise my heart rate enough to be effective (although it DOES raise my blood pressure! haha!).

Look for a person that is active as well. Tell them your plans for fitness, and ask them to check in with you regularly (even when you don’t seek them out to share your progress or SLACKING) to encourage you to stay on track.

I would suggest not using someone that isn’t working to stay active themselves. If they aren’t concerned with keeping themselves fit, they probably won’t be the best person to encourage you to stay fit and active.

Question: Do you have a fitness accountability partner? How do you encourage each other to stay active?


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