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Homeschool Checkup

Everyone is so busy learning over here! 🙂 Here’s a breakdown of what we’re all working on:

Baby Ethan – He is working on holding his head up. He is soooo behind on this. Lazy baby. 🙂 I put him on his tummy and he just lies his head down to the side and tries to sleep. This is what each of my other kids did as well (or they cried as soon as they were put on their tummy).  So, I am putting him in the Bumbo seat, and he is slooooowly getting better. He still just gives up and tries to sleep. 🙂 He also favors looking to one side, just like Buddy did, so we have to work on strengthening his neck muscles more. It’s my fault because of how I held them both. He’s also working on sleeping through the night, but not doing so well with it, unfortunately.

Buddy – He is working on being a big boy. 🙂 We started him on sleeping in his big boy bed last week. He took to it great! He doesn’t try to get out of it once he is lying down for bed or naps. He falls asleep right away and stays asleep. And in the morning, he walks over to his door and knocks, saying “Mommy! Heeeere!” This has been the easiest transition from crib to bed for any of the kids! I’m loving it…and needed it because of how tired we’ve been with the baby.

Addy – She is working on her listening skills…through trial and error. I don’t know if it’s the age, that she’s now the middle child, or a combo of both but she is really pushing buttons of people lately. And it doesn’t end well for her. I try to keep her occupied, so she can’t scheme to anger anyone. She knows she’s doing wrong, but she is looking for attention. On the days that I can’t give her the attention she wants/needs…look out!

Lily – She is working on reading and helping with the baby. She is so great at keeping the baby quiet and happy. She will talk to him, hold his hand, just sit with him or even help change his diaper (#1 only!…her request). She is adamant she doesn’t want kids when she’s older, but she says she’ll let her brothers live with her forever to “keep them safe and sound.” I could live with that. 🙂

Iris – She is working on helping around the house, in addition to regular school work. She loves to be in the kitchen, so I am giving her a little more freedom to help out or create foods. (This is tough for me…I like to keep my kitchen under control, but her creations tend to be crazy and messy at times!) She reads recipes for me, makes up her own snacks for us, and LOVES to wash dishes. Iris is also great with the baby. She is learning how to properly hold him, change his diaper, and soothe him when I can’t. She does so well with it all. I am so proud of how mature she is around the baby!

We’ve all been learning about SAFETY lately – fire safety, stranger safety, home safety, road safety, and emergencies. We had a fire drill, worked on 911 calling (PRETEND 911 dialing and giving info in emergencies). We also go into what to do if someone we don’t know comes into the house uninvited. Of course, children’s minds really get creative with the “what if’s”, but I tried to keep them on track. I am confident Iris would know what to do, where to go and whom to call if someone broke into the house when it’s just the kids and I at home. (might seem a little extreme, but our only next door neighbors aren’t home during the day, and it’s pretty quiet around here…we honestly don’t have any help very close by, so I found it important to explain plainly to the older girls what to do.) We also went over gun safety a little because they know we have guns. We worked on where to meet outside if we had to hurry out due to fire. And we went over rules for when we’re in public, at the park, at the pool, and other places.

Me? I’m learning to crochet. I’ve learned the simpler stitches and am making a crochet cell phone case.  A little dorky, but it was the easiest project in the book I have, so I wanted to try it. I’m about 1/2 way done. I did end up making a bonnet and apron for Iris’ Barbie, while practicing some stitches. 🙂

It’s been busy, busy here, so I haven’t been online much. I jumped on Facebook yesterday for a little bit, and I got a little carried away posting things…like I was making up for the time I haven’t been on there. 🙂 I hate Facebook for that reason…I can’t just be on there for 5 minutes. It becomes 45 minutes and I’ve done nothing important. So, I am limiting my time on there, as well as working on getting my posts all typed up and scheduled on Mondays. That way I’m not scrambling to get things typed up every single day.

Please share: Are you learning anything new? A new skill? Taking a class? Teaching your kids anything new?



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