Bake It Tuesday

I came across a new recipe for using oatmeal in a snacky food…without it being cookies or granola bars (which seem to be the only 2 ways I’ve been using oats lately).

They’re called Grab & Go Oatmeal Bars. They look really tasty, and I’m excited to try them.

My other baking items this week are granola bars and cookies. I am undecided on which flavor of cookies to make, but I have a dry mix ready in the freezer for white chocolate cranberry cookies. I may go with that one because it’s sounds so yummy right now!

I know I asked before about good recipes for baked goods, but here’s more specific question (and I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you that responded to my previous question): Do you have any recipes for bars (snack bars, breakfast bars, etc)? It seems we make/eat the same two kinds of granola bars all the time. The oatmeal bars above are the first different ones we’re making. If you have any other suggestions for a different kind of bar, that’d be awesome!!



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