Catching Up

This week I failed to type up and schedule any of the posts. 🙂 Rather than dump a bunch on here at once, I am skipping this week’s posts and will pick up on Monday with my menu plan.

We are over all the ear infections and Strep throat. I ended up at the doctor (for myself!) this week to have my ears flushed. I could hardly hear out of one ear, and it turns out there was a ton of wax buildup. It was pretty gross, so I’ll spare you the details. BUT, I can hear much better now!

Things are constantly changing here, and I am finding that my faith is challenged a lot more when I try harder to deepen it. 🙂 As I’m sure many of you can understand, it is difficult to support a large family in this economy…especially on one income. So, we have some big decisions to be making in the next several months. That is part of the reason I’ve been offline….been busy with other aspects of our life.

It’s almost humorous how things happen around here.

  • The kids are finally healthy, and then this week we apparently picked up some more germs and a few of the kids are stuffed up this morning.
  • We find a little extra money and how do we spend it?….on FOOD. Haha! No lavish vacations for us…we just stock up on foods. Immediately after buying food with the extra money, our vacuum breaks. So, now that we’re without any extra money we are desperately in need of a vacuum that we can’t afford.
  • We are thankful for being able to rent out our previous townhome, but we got a heads up this past week from friends that the company that helps rent it out might stiff us on decent rental income for next year. With one income, this is going to be a HUGE problem. We are trying not to worry about it and leave it in the Lord’s hands, but I am VERY stubborn with that….it’s a learning experience, to say the least.

So, I’ve been preoccupied with all these things. I will say my relationship with my husband has never been stronger! We are a great team, and he is a HUGE supporter of me as a wife and mother. And he is a great provider for our family.

Money is always a hot topic, I suppose, unless you’re a millionaire. I am trying to be very careful how I spend our grocery money, without compromising what we believe are the best food choices for our family. There are some things I will not compromise on, and I’m trying to trust that the money will be there when we need it. Hopefully I can be a good example to the kids of trusting God to supply what we need…and being content with what we have at all times!


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