Homeschool Checkup

We have had a GREAT week of school. Our daily routine changed a bit, and I think I’m loving it more.

I had always tried to get the girls started with lessons by 8 AM (even it meant I didn’t get a shower and we were rushed), but I’m finding that 9 AM is a better goal time for now because the baby still isn’t sleeping through the night. The kids get to watch a few cartoons after breakfast and play for a while. I get a shower and time to check emails (ok, Facebook mostly). Then we are ready to go around 9:00 and no one is yelling or whining! 🙂

Yesterday was our library day. We went right before lunch because of a  snow storm headed our way. I grabbed several teacher books about reading and math and exercise for homeschoolers. I am so excited to get ideas from them all!

I am finding that we spend a lot more time reading (Iris and Lily reading to me, and me reading to all the kids) than before, which is wonderful! Iris complains about it, but I can SEE the improvement in her ability. It’s so neat! She also does really great with reading comprehension. Lily is picking up on new words very quickly. She remembers sight words so well; I almost never have to remind her after telling her the first time what the new word is that she’s reading.

For math, I’m trying to be more consistent with practicing addition facts each day. Iris needs repetition for memory, so I can see this will be helpful. Lily doesn’t need repetition, but it’s good for her to practice “reading” the problems correctly. She doesn’t like to use the word “equals” but rather says “is” for addition problems…which drives me nuts. I’d like for her to learn the correct words when referring to math. Maybe I’m too picky. 🙂

Next week, my sister will be in town. She is a former kindergarten teacher, so I might have her step in and teach while she’s here. 😉 I’ll take a personal day and she can sub for me!



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