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Fitness Friday

Today’s thoughts are about things I’ve been considering this week because of the cold and flu season.

I have a stuffy nose and scratchy throat. My kids all have either strep throat or ear infection. So, the thought that crossed my mind this week was

Should I exercise if I have an illness?

I searched high and low to read opinions about this topic. Here are the things that most online articles, doctors or reports agreed upon:

1. Exercising when you are sick is usually ok.

2. Exercising when you have a fever over 101 degrees is not usually ok. It can actually raise your internal temp more and make your illness worse.

3. Do a “neck check” to decide if your cold/flu should hinder you from exercising. If your symptoms are all at the neck or above (watery eyes, sore throat, cough, nose issues, etc), you are probably ok to exercise. If your symptoms are below your neck (chest tightness, body aches, etc), then you are probably NOT ok to exercise.

4. When in doubt, sit it out. šŸ™‚ It is generally more advisable to not exercise if you are concerned about your health. This is because it probably won’t hurt for you to sit out the one or two days of exercising and let your body heal, rather than overdo it and have to sit out even more days because you’ve made yourself sicker.

5. Do lighter exercising than you do when you’re healthy. The articles online all indicated that even if you are “ok” to exercise, you should keep it light. Instead of marathon training, maybe just go for a jog. Instead of cardio kickboxing, maybe just ride a bike. Pilates and yoga were both listed as great ways to keep your body loose and moving without overdoing it.

6. Call your doctor with ANY concerns. Obviously, I am no medical professional and the above five opinions are just that…opinions. I have no medical training and am simply posting the opinions I gathered. For serious concerns or real advice, do call your doctor. He/She can give you the best advice because they have the training and know your body/illness.

Stay healthy!


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