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Bake It Tuesday

I recently received a free ebook from Meet Penny for subscribing by email to her blog. She has a lot of great information on her blog, and I LOVED the ebook. It was all about dry mixes to make ahead of time and store in either the pantry or freezer for future use.

I enjoy baked goods probably much more than the average person, so having easy to whip up foods on hand is a great idea for me. An added bonus would be that they are healthy and completely from scratch! I get all of that with the mixes in the ebook!!

This week, I am using the ebook for making the all-purpose baking mix, brownie mix, white chocolate cranberry cookie mix, oatmeal raisin cookie mix, chocolate cake mix and the multi-muffin mix.

Making dry mixes ahead of time saves time for when you’re in need of something last minute or just know that you won’t have time later to make it. It really only took me about 15 minutes from start to finish to make these mixes up. I am storing them in the freezer, just in case I don’t use them all up (and some have butter in them, so the freezer is where they should be) right away.


The ebook was available for a limited time (not sure if it’s still available for free, but for non-subscribers she had it listed at $1.99….still not bad for a bunch of recipes). Go HERE and get the ebook, if you’re interested in saving some time in the kitchen but still getting tasty homemade foods!

Now, get baking!


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