Menu Plan

Menu Plan Monday

With the kids on antibiotics, we are sleeping a little more at night. We still have a waking baby (who is now congested and wakes up a few more times than normal newborn waking up), but I can handle that. It’s the coughing-so-hard-the-kids-throw-up-phlegm waking up that’s hard.

Now that we’re getting a little more sleep, I am able to be on time with posts. 🙂

Here’s our plan for meals this week:


Pancakes x 2

Cereal x 2, Toast

Eggs/Omelets, Toast

Fried Apples, Toast

Cinnamon Rolls


PB & Honey/Jelly x 2, fruit, chips

Leftovers x 2

Buttered noodles, carrot sticks, fruit

Rice, apples, carrots

Baked Potatoes, fruit


Cream of Potato Soup, biscuits, salad

Ham & Bean Soup, salad, cornbread

Chicken Veggie Bake, pineapple

Chicken Rice Soup, bread, oranges

Creamy chicken pasta bake, bread, salad

Meatless Pasta Bake (red sauce), bread, green beans

Chicken Salads, bread, Corn



Granola Bars

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Bread x 3




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