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Homeschool Checkup

We spent this week doing a mixture of school work and Valentine’s fun! We made Valentines for Dad and decorations to put on the wall. Addy successfully completed a letter “v” letter hunt!

Our school week was cut short due to the continued fevers between the kids. The four older ones have had fevers on and off since last Friday. I finally called the doctor on Wednesday. An appointment was set for Thursday. Only Lily was feverish on Wednesday but Thursday morning brought fevers for Iris and Addy also.

At the doctor’s office, we had all the kids. We didn’t know if she’d be able to see all of them but our wonderful doctor went out of her way to check everyone’s temp and Iris and Addy did have fevers. She started checking throats and ears at that point. She found that Buddy had a double ear infection, Lily had a single ear infection. Iris tested positive for strep. Addy wasn’t tested but she assumed she had strep (or would eventually have it!) and prescribed antibiotic as well. I felt so bad that we’d waited all week to take them, but I just assumed it was a nasty cold they were passing around. I guess it was…but it had become more. 😦

This was the first time we’ve had to deal with ear infections or strep. This was also a first for any of the kids to have antibiotics. So far, no issues. Dad has some allergies to different antibiotics, so I was nervous the kids might too. But, nothing has been noted yet. Fevers are down and just the nasty coughs remain today.

So, school was kind of an after thought for most of the week, doing things here and there between coughing fits and feverish naps. I was surprised how much we got done, though!

Next week we will work on some Presidents Day projects and crafts!


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