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Fitness Friday

With several sleepless nights and crabby days due to illnesses in the kiddos, I did not get much exercising in.

I was able to get on the bike once so far this week. Hopefully later today and this weekend I can get in a few more times.

Today’s fitness tip isn’t as obvious as last week’s :), but you’ve probably heard it a lot.

Before beginning any fitness or exercise program, be sure to talk to your doctor.

Ok, this might not be necessary for everyone but in most cases it’s a really good idea! For those of us that just gave birth, it is a VERY good idea. We need to wait the six weeks post-partum, plus we should have our post-partum checkup to make sure we’re cleared for any strenuous exercise. Those with any health issues whatsoever should definitely seek their doctor’s approval before starting any fitness programs. The last thing you want to do is hurt your body!

We know fitness is good for our health, but we also want to make sure the program we choose is suitable for our current health.

Have a healthy and active weekend!



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