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Fitness Friday

Two views of local Extension leaders drilling ...

I have started exercising.




Yes, me.




I am NOT an exercising kind of person. Give me a volleyball or a bike ride or an open field and I will play for fun. But, I do not do the organized exercising thing.




It’s boring. I’m impatient with results. I have no motivation.




But I started exercising on February 1st. I was cleared to start the day before by my midwife. And I have a size 2 dress to fit into by May 17 for a wedding. Figured I should probably make an attempt to exercise regularly.




My husband was all over this because he has learned a TON of things about fitness over the past year or two and has been dying to try them out on someone besides himself. I am pretty sure he called me his “guinea pig.” Not sure how I feel about that, but I appreciate his help because I have no clue what I’m doing when it comes to fitness!




To ease into exercising, he has encouraged me to start riding the exercise bike in the basement and doing some core workouts (planks, mostly, for now).




I don’t like it. I don’t like sweat or that sticky/wet feeling. I don’t like sports bras…at all. That’s mostly because I feel even more flat-chested than normal when I wear them! (Not that it should matter, I guess.)




I don’t like that burning feeling in my legs after about 6 minutes of riding. I don’t like my legs feeling useless afterward.




The only thing I like is the adrenaline afterward, when I feel like I can do a million things around the house.




And for that reason and for needing to fit into that dress in May, I will carry on with the exercising “routine” I’ve started.




And I will post something I’ve learned about fitness each Friday.




Feel free to share anything you know about whatever tip/fact I give. I am always excited to learn new things!




So, for the first Fitness Friday, I would like to share this little tip:












Bet you didn’t know that! And I bet that made you so excited to hear what I have to say next Friday!





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