Menu Plan

Menu Plan: January 31 – February 7

Thanks to my wonderful mother and her Christmas gift to us, we are members at Costco! I have a love/hate relationship with that store. I LOVE that they have so many more organic foods than they used to. I HATE that I can’t just go in there and buy what I have on my list. 🙂

Here’s what I’ve come up with for the next seven days:


Cinnamon Rolls x 2

Pancakes x 2


Eggs, Bacon, Toast




Leftovers x 3

PB & Honey/Jelly, carrot sticks, yogurt x 2

Baked potatoes, yogurt, fruit

Buttered noodles, carrot sticks, fruit


Salsa chicken over black beans and rice, salad

Tomato soup with rice, salad, bread

Hamburger Skillet, oranges

Chicken Pasta Casserole, Carrots

Soups from freezer, biscuits

Potato Soup, Salad, bread

BBQ Meatballs, Potatoes, Green beans



Granola Bars

Coffee Cake


Homemade to Make

Bread x 3



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