Homeschool Checkup

We’re back at it! Last week was a trial run, but this week we are diving right back into school.

My mom gave us a dining table this past weekend, so we had school at the new table today. 🙂 The girls thought it was so fun to be doing it downstairs in the dining room. I found it a little hectic, but Buddy did have a bigger area to run around in.

Iris is doing great with math. I have figured out her little scheme – after I teach the lesson, I cannot sit near her while she finishes the worksheet. She seems to not remember anything if I’m near her, like she wants me to help her finish (and give her answers!). If I leave her by herself OR have her save the worksheet to do during her independent work time….she does it perfectly without complaint or requesting help! Last night, Arthur witnessed this when he saw how great Iris was doing on her own. As soon as she saw him, she came to him asking him for help. He encouraged her to finish it on her own….and she only missed one problem! 🙂 I can’t believe it took us this long to figure this out! And I can’t believe (ok, I guess I can) how sneaky she has been.

Lily is working on reading more. She does the easy readers with 3 or 4 words to a sentence, but she has branched out into longer sentences now. While I make dinner, she and Iris have been sitting at the island. Lily reads and if it’s a reader with harder words in it, Iris helps her sound them out (or tells them to her, for the sight words). It’s so nice to see them work together….until they aren’t working together and start arguing over words!

Addy learned about Joseph and the Technicolor dream coat  coat of many colors. She worked on letter C and the number 3. She cracks me up because she doesn’t like to listen to me explain anything; she’s just there for the projects and crafts. 🙂 She glued cotton balls on a letter Cc page, as well as decorated her own brown paper bag “coat.” We also worked on a dog puppet (with a lunch size brown bag) to go with the book Go Dog Go! She likes that book quite a bit, so it was fun to see her listen and then make the puppet. She loves glue, also, so that makes it exciting….for her, not so much for me (“please keep the glue upright until you need to use it…..keep the glue on the paper, not your hands…..don’t give your brother the glue…ok, that’s plenty of glue….no, we don’t need to glue the scrap papers onto things”).

Buddy sat in for reading time this week. He’s getting a little better with sitting down for books. He mostly just wants to run around and yell lately. I hear that’s a boy thing, though, so I was sort of expecting it. The girls look at him sometimes like he is crazy. And I’ll admit, he DOES look a little crazy running back and forth across the room with his head thrown back, screaming/cheering/laughing at the top of his lungs!

And baby Ethan….he sleeps most of the time. When he isn’t sleeping, I’m holding him and rocking. He LOVES to rock….calms him right away.

Next week, we will be back at the library and hopefully starting up Geography and Health again. Those take a little more prep time, so I eased back into school with the simpler subjects. We are traveling around the world in Geography, and I have no clue where we are supposed to head next! 🙂 Guess I need to get some good lesson planning in soon!



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