Menu Plan

Menu Plan: January 21 – 31



This week we had some sub-zero temps, so I took advantage of visiting in-laws on Sunday and ran to the grocery store while they watched the kids. I’m VERY glad I did because Monday and Tuesday were obnoxiously cold!




PB & Chocolate Chip Baked Oatmeal


Coffee Cake




Cereal x 2


Eggs, Bacon, Toast x 2


@ my parents’ – Saturday and Sunday


Cinnamon Rolls




PB & Honey/Jelly x 2, yogurt, chips


Leftovers x 2


@ my parents’ – Saturday and Sunday


PB or Nutella on crackers, yogurt, fruit, carrots


Grilled Cheese


Buttered Noodles


Baked Potatoes




Tomato Soup (homemade), bread, salad


Creamy Veggie Bake


Chicken Rice Bake, bread, apple slices


@ my parents’ – Friday and Saturday(pizza)


Pasta Casserole, salad, bread, carrot sticks and grape tomatoes


Potato Soup, rolls, carrot sticks


Chicken Noodle Soup, bread, pineapple


BLT Salad, Risotto, oranges


Frozen pizza, salad, chips


Hamburger Skillet




Granola Bars




Hot Chocolate and marshmallows


Ice Cream (I promised the girls they could have some…since they saw it in the freezer. I realize it is FREEZING out, but it’ll be a fun treat!)




Bread x 3




Granola Bars


Brownies (to take to my parents’)


Trail Mix




2 thoughts on “Menu Plan: January 21 – 31

  1. Cool! no pun intended, 🙂 I just like some of your menu ideas!!! Thanks for the pinback and the thought of related articles, I never have thought of doing that!! I will have to check into how to do it. Have a great day!

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