Homeschool Checkup

We are still on a break from school. I just need a bit more sleep at night to fully function as a teacher during the day.

I plan to start on Monday with a bit of work. I said that about this past Monday, but we didn’t get anything but a library trip done this week. The baby did have an audiologist appointment on Tuesday that kind of messed up our schedule. And we had other random things happen that threw me off. I am committed to doing work with the girls this coming Monday, though.

Iris and Lily each received a Kindle Fire from my in-laws for Christmas, so they’ve been reading (and PLAYING!) on those a little. I haven’t monitored it very well, though, so I don’t know that they are actually doing much learning. I just set a time limit for them to use it some each day.

I can tell that we need to get back on schedule soon because everyone appears bored mid-morning. Cartoons and Kindles aren’t keeping them entertained for very long. And when they play together, they are getting annoyed with each other much more quickly. 🙂

A friend from church gave me some samples of Touch Math to try with Iris, since she’s a very hands-on girl. It looks pretty interesting; I’ll post more once we actually get into it.

She also gave me some phonics teacher guides and student readers for Kindergarten level that I plan to incorporate into Lily’s lessons. Lily is actually way ahead of where Iris was at this point in Kindergarten work, so she may finish up Kindergarten phonics and reading before the end of the school year and move on into 1st grade work!

Addy still doesn’t show much interest in school for more than about 30 minutes. 🙂 She’ll be 4 in April, so I’ll be more intentional with her in the Fall. She just enjoys coloring and projects for now, which is fine with me.

So, three weeks off of school after having a baby. I think that’s a decent amount of time. My friend from church said she took off a month when she had her last baby (she has 7 kids that she homeschools!). That made me feel less lazy when we didn’t start up again after 2 weeks. 🙂



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