“I Survived With Five”

I think I’m going to make a t-shirt with that saying: “I Survived With Five.” I’m sure you moms with more than five are probably laughing at me.

This whole being a mom of five little ones is HARD! I realize it’s only 2.5 weeks in, but I am exhausted.

The baby is wonderful, he really is. But, seriously, eating every 1.5 to 2 hours is a bit ridiculous. 🙂 Doctor said it’s perfectly normal, but I am just not used to it. My other kiddos ate about every 3 or 4 hours from the start, so this is new for me. Two nights ago, he stretched it to 3.5 hours twice, but last night he was back to the usual 1.5 to 2 hours. It’s so tiring…but I know he obviously has to eat!

Here’s our days so far:

12:00 AM (or around there) to 12:30 AM – baby wakes to eat, burp, and poop

2:30 ish AM – repeat

4 AM – repeat again

5:45 AM – husband’s alarm clock goes off

6 AM – I am unable to fall back to sleep, so I get up and look forward to coffee. Head downstairs to start breakfast.

6:15 AM – Breakfast is ready, girls are up, baby is VERY hungry. We sit to eat; I nurse baby while we eat. Poopy diaper change, too.

Short time later, Buddy is up. Time to change his diaper and feed him breakfast. Girls are arguing over who gets to pick a cartoon to watch first.

6:50 AM – husband leaves for work. Girls get dressed, brush teeth and make beds. Thankfully, we’ve been able to keep them regular with getting those things done…when I remember to lay out clothes for them!

7 AM – I check emails, Facebook, and look over any new recipes I’ve found online. I pull meat out of the freezer, if we’re having a meat dish for dinner.

8 AM – Time to feed baby again. Another poopy diaper change. Looking forward to the shower I passed up at 6 AM, when my husband offered me to take one before the kids got up. I declined because I just really wanted coffee. Should’ve taken him up on it because with all the chaos , I feel like I’ll never get a shower today. I throw in a load of laundry.

Break up several arguments between the kids – fighting over cartoons (they then lose TV privileges), arguing over whose coloring is prettier (they get split up to color on their own), Addy teases Buddy with his own toys (she gets sent to sit on her bed).

9 AM – I finally get in the shower. Baby, of course, is screaming. I can also hear the girls fighting….even with the shower running and the bathroom door closed. Ugh. Laundry goes into dryer.

Did I mention I have forgotten to sit and have my quiet time yet? I remind myself to do that at some point this morning.

9:30 AM – Girls are begging for a snack. Baby’s ready to eat. I throw together some fruit or crackers and Nutella for the kids. Time to nurse the baby. Another poopy diaper change. Buddy poops also at this time.

10 AM – Another reminder mentally that I still need to have my quiet time.

More kid arguments broken up. I send the girls to play in the basement. Buddy is crying because he wants to go, too, but I can’t leave him down there without me (too many tempting things for him to touch – sump pump, water heater, switch for the furnace).

11 AM – I am regretting not giving the kids schoolwork to do. I have Iris and Lily sit and read to me. I am easily aggravated by their lack of cooperation and we cut the reading session short. Time to nurse baby again. Another poopy diaper change.

Noon – Lunch. Baby is sleeping for a long nap. Kids are fed and I get the 3 middle ones up to bed for naps. Iris is given instructions to find a spot to sit quietly and color or read or play…alone.

2 PM – Everyone’s up. Baby needs to eat. Another mental note to have my quiet time. (I wasted the nap time with lying on the couch zoning out to the TV and eating my lunch. And folding some laundry, planning meals, making a grocery list, and chatting with my husband on his lunch hour.) Another poopy diaper change.

2:30 PM – Snack time again. I lazily just pull out our candy stash and let the girls pick a piece of candy….big mistake! 🙂 Sugar is NEVER the answer to a tiring day!

3 PM – More arguments….these kids need some structure. I will work on it tomorrow I tell myself.

4 PM – I start dinner. Baby needs to eat. After feeding him, I put him in the wrap and wear him while I work on dinner. The other kids are watching cartoons, so it’s mostly quiet for about 30 minutes. Another mental note to have quiet time at some point.

5 PM – husband calls to say he is on his way home. I hurry to get laundry put away and dinner finished. The girls set the table. Buddy pulls silverware and plates OFF the table.

6 PM – husband is home. We sit to eat. More arguments at the table about who misbehaved and who feels the need to tattle on them. 🙂 Baby nurses at some point during dinner. Another poopy diaper change.

7 PM – Table is cleared, food is put away. If it’s a bath night, girls get their stuff ready for baths. Buddy is gated in his room. I bathe the baby. Guess what? He’s pooped again.

8 PM – 4 older kids are put to bed (yes, this is a change from our previous 7 PM bed time….I miss 7 PM!). Baby nurses again. Poopy diaper change.

9 PM – I’ve been asleep on the couch since about the time I nursed the baby at 8:00. 🙂 I awake to see a little of the news. I get up to set the coffeemaker for the morning. Husband takes out the dog and starts the dishwasher.

9:30 PM – We are in bed….with the baby….who, yet again, is ready to nurse. I lie him next to me in bed and let him nurse, telling myself I’ll get up and put him in the bassinet when he’s done. BUT, I fall asleep instead and let him sleep with us…all night. (It’s so much easier to just wake up for 2 minutes to let him nurse in bed with me…than to have to get up and pick him up and prop up my pillows. I know, I know….babies shouldn’t sleep with parents. But, even though I’ve said since baby #1 that I would never sleep with my babies….I have let every single one of them sleep with us.) At some point, he poops again. I sit and change him in bed.

12 AM-ish… all starts over.

I am not looking for you to feel sorry for me.

Ok, I’m lying…PLEASE feel sorry for me! 🙂

I know my days will get easier, once we are back on a schedule (that doesn’t include arguments every hour or nursing every 2 hours). The sleep deprivation and constant noise makes me feel like this will never end! AND, I’m pretty sure if I would just get up and take that shower first thing and have some quiet time before the kids are up my day would go a little more smoothly.

Today, I told the girls we could have our own little bake sale (I owe them for all the lack of attention I’ve been giving them!). AND, we have to get the baby to an appointment…right in the middle of nap time.

This day should be awesome!

Oh look, it’s almost 9 AM. Time to get a shower. And the girls are arguing over crayons. And Buddy is banging his big airplane on the kitchen floor….right next to me. And the baby’s squirming around in my lap.

And now he’s pooping.

What’s that? You’re envious of me? 🙂

(I really do love these children, but seriously….why can’t everyone just be quiet for 5 minutes and let me veg out on the computer?!)




4 thoughts on ““I Survived With Five”

  1. I had adam read this and told him “see, this is why we are not having any more kids.” Lol. 🙂 Oh Ang…how I wish you lived closer! I’d pick up those girls all the time for you. Enjoy this crazy time at home with them…..and give in and let them watch some more tv than usual. It won’t make you a bad mom, it’ll just give you some more sanity. love you!

    1. haha! well i’m glad that my chaos was useful for you guys. 🙂 i wish mindy and i lived closer to you all, too! would make things a little more bearable!! and today, i did just let them watch cartoons. i just had to get stuff done before we had a doctor appointment, so they zoned out in front of the tv. i guess it won’t kill ’em. LOL. love you too!

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