Happy New Year!

We have no plans for tonight. It’s just us and the kids. I don’t even think we’ll make it to midnight.

And I couldn’t be happier! We’re too exhausted to have company over or to stay up for the countdown. 🙂

On another, slightly related, note….laundry for seven people is ridiculous! I’ve switched to doing one load a day (or more, depending on the day’s to-do’s) because trying to cram it all into one day became too overwhelming; that was before the baby was born. I’m happy I changed it because now with the baby’s clothes (and blankets and burp cloths and teeny tiny socks!) added in I have found the piles to be HUGE!

I still need to post on the binder system I started, but because I took a break from it since Ethan was born I will wait until we’re back into our routine a bit more before I post the whole thing.

I did not make any resolutions for next year. I just plan to continue our path down the road of healthy eating. I plan to juice every morning like I’ve been doing this past week, to continue to eat mostly organic and from-scratch, to introduce a little more Paleo eating into our diet and less bread (yikes! can I do it?!), to love on my kids more, to spoil my husband more, to relax my expectations of myself when it comes to homeschooling and mothering and housekeeping, and to focus more on my spiritual life and daily walk. The bit of church I was able to sit in yesterday was the sermon. Pastor talked about what to do with God’s Word: Love it, Learn it, Use it, Consume it. I do not do most of those, sadly.

Happy New Year to everyone! Be safe this evening. Only make resolutions you plan to keep. Don’t give yourself more resolutions that you can handle. Love others more. And remember the REALLY important things in life aren’t things at all…they are people and relationships.

See you next year!!


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