A Few Thoughts

We’ve been limiting our errands lately, or at least combining them into one day if possible. All our extra doctor appointments are done; all that’s left are my midwife appointments each week. Grocery shopping is still once a week for fresh stuff, but I haven’t been menu planning the past few weeks (since our crazy stomach flu epidemic!). It’s a little more chaotic in the afternoons, while I’m planning dinner, but I’m just out of energy to sit and menu plan.

Buddy’s been crying in the middle of the night every so often, which is unusual for him as he’s my best sleeper. I assume he’s having scary dreams, and he goes right back to sleep after we go in to check on him. BUT, it does cause us to have to wake up and get up….so, we’re a little more tired the mornings after those nights.

The girls have been extremely trying and throwing tantrums and just plain uncooperative in public. It’s embarrassing, and I know people are looking at my belly thinking “and she’s having another?” 🙂 School work has become a bit of a chore as well, with crying girls. They don’t want to do any work, they don’t want to read, they just want to whine and cry….knowing that at some point I will give up because I’m too tired to fight! It is very frustrating! They keep asking for Christmas Break, but I constantly remind them that the kids in regular school still have a whole week til break. They don’t care; they want to be done now.

So, with all that awesomeness going on, I figure this baby is bound to be here soon. Of course, he won’t come when I’m fully rested or when I’m sane…it’ll happen on a sleepless night after a long day of tears (the girls’ and mine). That’s usually how this works.

Regardless of how or when he arrives, I am still overjoyed to meet him very soon. Everything is ready for him – his bed, his clothes, his mother. 🙂

And here’s a few links to things we’ve been up to lately:

  • I’ve been making THESE brownies. I made a double batch (9×13 pan) on Sunday and again yesterday. They are so delicious.
  • I cleaned and deodorized everyone’s mattress using THIS  homemade deodorizer. Loved it!
  • I went back to making these granola bars, per my husband’s request. Been making a pan every 4 days or so, mostly just for putting in his lunch. I like the no-bake bars a little better, but we weren’t eating them as quickly as he eats the baking ones.
  • I have the ingredients (just need the motivation) to make our own laundry detergent. I found this website with a variety of recipes. With previous skin issues on Lily (eczema) and the dry weather coming, I thought we’d try something new. Plus, with ALL the ingredients in commercial detergent…who knows what causes the reactions. At least with just a few ingredients, I can see how our skin reacts and go from there. And with the baby’s skin (and no extra money to buy the baby-specific detergent…which, again, has a ton of chemicals and ingredients), it’s safer this way. I’m excited to actually do it…whenever I get around to it. 🙂

So that’s what we’ve been about recently. I can’t wait to get a schedule going after the baby. For now, though, I am enjoying my mini-naps in the afternoon, the excuse to just grab a fast food sandwich because I’m pregnant and very hungry :), and being able to say no to leaving the house because I’m huge and have 4 crazy children!




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