Homeschool Checkup

It feels like forever since I posted on school progress. We have been so busy with other things that I’ve forgotten to post about it!

I am trying to stay as consistent as possible, even with the upcoming baby and major holidays. I don’t want to get off track and then have to go into next Summer for lessons. I want the kids to be able to enjoy their first full Summer here in our awesome neighborhood!

Iris learned how to spell her entire name in CURSIVE! She is so excited to keep practicing it. The lessons are into uppercase cursive letters yet, but she begged me to show her “I” in order to write her name. She has such pretty handwriting, too, which amazes me for how fast she tries to get through her lessons. 🙂 I am happy to see her wanting to do more writing, just to practice cursive.

She is struggling with counting by 3’s, 4’s and 6’s in math. I am open for any and all suggestions on how to get her to memorize them, if anyone has advice to give. She just likes to rush through things, so memorization of a bunch of numbers doesn’t seem to be what she wants to do. I’ve explained that repetition will help her remember, but I think she just zones out. Hopefully we can conquer it by end of year, though.

In Health, we are talking about healthy choices, which is right up her alley. She loves to talk about making good decisions for food and exercise and safety. We are beginning a booklet about what they can do on their own to keep themselves healthy and safe.

Lily is coming along with her cursive as well. She struggles with the flow of letters like “f” and “h” (lowercase for both), but she is a very new 5-year-old. The coordination will be there eventually; I try not to push her too much to correct every little mistake. She still likes learning new letters, though.

She is zooming through math. We just started adding on number lines; I think it confuses her. She seems to add WITHOUT the number line, as the hopping on the line appears to be too many steps to get to an answer. 🙂 Just like her mother….doesn’t want to show the work, just the answer.

Lily is also reading now! She has been doing great at her blend ladders and three-letter words. I had her read some of the beginner readers and she was awesome at it! So, we’ve continued with more difficult ones to challenge her. Don’t want her to get bored.

Addy is working on the story of Noah for now. I am stretching out her weekly work to cover 2 or 3 weeks. I am constantly forgetting she is only 3 and may not be ready to sit for an hour with the big girls. She is distracted and asks to go play a lot, so I let her. She likes to color the pictures and make the crafts for the letter she is learning, but actually sitting there and listening to me read a lesson isn’t her cup of tea. And that’s ok for now.

Buddy is becoming more and more antsy during school time. He likes to sit stand on the chair and say “ta-da!” over and over. It’s cute the first time or two, then it’s really disruptive. I put up the gate in his doorway often to keep him confined to play in his room. I definitely see the difference between boys and girls! He is so energetic and aggressive with playing. He wants to climb on everything and everyone and is very physical to get your attention (like banging on the girls’ heads if he wants them to look at him). So, we’ll see how it works out once the baby is here, too!

My plan is to keep going with lessons until the baby arrives and start our Christmas Break at that point. BUT, I have no clue how I’ll feel in the next few weeks; if it becomes too much, I will start our Break early. I am already extremely irritable 24/7. 🙂 And I ache all day. I can imagine my kids are dying for a break soon! And, I still have some things to get ready and organized before baby, so our break may start sooner than I’d like. 🙂

(If you’ll notice, all of the related articles below have to do with cursive handwriting. I feel VERY strongly that children should still learn this style of writing. Just because everything is on computers these days, cursive is a GREAT skill of coordination and a style that should be passed on. Just my opinion, of course.)


2 thoughts on “Homeschool Checkup

  1. Thanks for passing on the link to my post about cursive writing! I’m a 4th grade teacher, and I agree that cursive writing is so important!!! It’s a lost art that many of our children are not learning or choosing to use once they learn it. Hopefully my students will keep this style of writing going strong.

    1. Sorry for taking so long to reply. No problem on posting your link! I definitely agree that it’s becoming a lost art. I don’t really understand why it’s not being taught universally anymore. Seems like it will make things difficult for kids and they really are losing out on a chance to help their hand-eye coordination. Thanks!

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