Homeschool Checkup

I love being pregnant; I really do. It’s the roller coaster of emotions in the 3rd trimester I could do without. 🙂 I feel bad for the kids, since they’re stuck with me during my moods all day!

We’ve been going a little slower with lesson plans, working around appointments and scheduling changes. I’ve done less work at the table with them and more hands on things or one-on-one with Iris.

She got an A on her last spelling test!! She was so excited, telling everyone! I hope that gives her some encouragement for the weeks she thinks she can’t do it.

Lily is finishing up a Community Helpers study. We did a little of this last year, but she actually had worksheets and things for us to read this year. The last worksheet she had to do was a drawing of what her Dad does at work. I chuckled when I read the instructions….because her father is a Funeral Director. The kids know a little about what he does (like that he helps families who have had someone die), but we’ve never gotten too deep about it. She ended up drawing Dad in a suit, with his lunchbox and water bottle. Then she drew his red car. Lastly, she decided to throw in a brown “box to bury someone in” with a yellow stick person lying inside. Haha! I was cracking up. It was a decent depiction of a casket, but it was interesting to hear her describe what it was. I guess she understands more about it than I thought…or she’s seen too many scary movies!

Addy is having some temper and tantrum issues. I am not very patient with her, but I am trying to find ways to get it across that it’s unacceptable to act like that. She gets time-outs, spankings, lost privileges, etc. Nothing really works. I know she’s 3 and is still working on controlling her emotions, but she does know when she’s been wrong. So, for now, I will work on praising her more for when she’s been helpful or loving and hope that she learns to enjoy that attention more than the sad or mad looks from me when she’s misbehaved. 😦

Buddy is speaking! Ok, not sentences or anything, but he will repeat anything…even the beep of the oven. He hears the oven beep, runs over and points to it and says “beeeeee”. It’s adorable, of course.

I found a homeschool group out here and joined online. Today was our first outing with them. It was myself and 3 other moms and a total of 13 kids! We did a tour of our village’s downtown area, which fit in perfectly with Lily’s study on Community Helpers. We visited the library (which we are VERY familiar with), the bank, the garden shop, and a little donut shop. I had a lot of fun, and I think the kids did, too. Everyone was very informative and helpful…and patient. Iris might have been the oldest, so you can imagine 13 kids ages 6 and under in the bank! Thankfully, the kids behaved and the hosts all kept their interest.

The kids ended up getting a free cookie at the garden shop, as well as the chance to make a pine cone and peanut butter bird feeder. What a mess! But the kids loved it! They also got 2 donut holes each at the donut shop. I bought a donut for myself because it smelled SO good in there. 🙂

It’s been a good 2 weeks with school. I hope it stays that way for a bit. I can only handle my moodiness for now…not the crabby moods of 3 little girls on top of that!



One thought on “Homeschool Checkup

  1. First, thank you for sharing my article with your readers and I know your pain. Congrats on your soon to be new member of your family and well done on getting through homeschooling while being at the end of your pregnancy.

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