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Bringing You Up to Speed


We have been busy with appointments and visiting with family the past few days, that I haven’t done much online. We all have a cold, as well, so that doesn’t help either.

The kids and I visited a local farm last week after a recommendation from one of our neighbors. We typically buy our meat from a farm out of Iowa that makes local deliveries, but after hearing about a farm right here in our town I was curious to check them out!

I am so glad we did. It was amazing! The woman who runs it is very nice and informative. She let the kids roam around and see (and touch!) everything. She had turkeys, ducklings (that we got to hold!), and cows. She raises chicken and ducks for eggs, but the laying hens and ducks were at their other location. She walked us through the whole process of raising each of these animals and then processing the meat for selling. I learned A LOT! She admitted she treats each animal like a pet, even naming them; I thought that would be weird, knowing that she was eventually going to kill them for their meat. BUT, she explained that it helped them treat the animals well and raise happy and healthy animals.

We bought some ground beef, roast, and chicken eggs from her. She gave us duck eggs to try, too! I am so excited to go back to buy more. It was a really cool experience and one we’d never had if we hadn’t moved out here. The farm will have pigs later this winter, as well as some horses. The ducklings will move over to the other location to lay eggs. The cycle of everything there was so interesting. I was pretty jealous that they can live off the land like that. 🙂 But, I am thankful that she is close enough that we can get good meat and eggs from her!

Almost time to head to the library. Today is (thankfully!) one of our slower days this week. I have a book that is 2 days late, and I need to lesson plan. Looks like “slower” really means a chance to cram more things into the day! 🙂



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