Homeschool Checkup


Is it Christmas Break yet??!!


Wow! We have been doing school since the beginning of August, and this week really made me feel burned out…already!! I’m a little scared for the Fall.

I was very encouraged today to read a blog post by a mom of NINE; she wrote about one of her children (either 9 or 7 years old…can’t remember) having a meltdown as soon as she started reviewing something with them. She had to send that child to their room for a bit.

This is becoming my every day with Iris! I love her to death, I really do. But, she has moved into some crazy dramatic phase and everything is tears and an utter meltdown! There’s no being upset but still being able to speak. She is moved to tears with any hurt feelings or with any anger, then I cannot get a word out of her because she’s crying so hard. Part of me feels sad, but another part wants to shake her (ok, not really) and yell “Get it together, girl!” I honestly don’t know where the drama is coming from. BUT, reading the other mom’s post kind of made me think Iris is at the age when this dramatic reaction stuff starts. I am sooo not ready for this. I feel like I’m usually a no-nonsense kind of person, and the only time I cry is during pregnancy. 🙂

So, there’s that.

We started Iris on reading every night with Dad, so that he can see how much (or little) she’s learning and so that she isn’t relying on me to coach her through everything. AND, she really needs the practice.

She is doing well with her handwriting and math. Iris will tell you she does not like math, but this year she seems to be excelling! She is learning to do addition in “easier” ways than using a number line or using objects to count; I am pretty impressed with her skills. Her handwriting, also, is great. It’s legible! 🙂 Much better than before we started this year’s work.

Lily is doing well with her blend ladders…so much so that she pushed herself to do NEW ones and even started on three-letter words (sounding them out). She gets so excited! I try to contain her excitement during Iris’ meltdowns, so we don’t make Iris feel even worse.

Addy took this week off from any formal work. Ok, so I made her take the week off. With the lack of energy from this pregnancy and learning to work around Iris’ new mood swings :), I am out of motivation to formally teach Addy anything now. She just sits in on our reading time or if we do a group project. I am not a huge history fan, so I don’t feel like I make history very exciting. Addy, though, seems to retain random facts about Washington and Paul Revere; I guess she’s learning then!

Next week, I plan to pick up Addy’s work again. She finished learning the days of creation. Her big accomplishment was learning to hold her pencil correctly!! She was beaming with pride!

Our library has a decent sized area of teacher’s resources, which has helped tremendously with finding supplemental projects or games or ways to help get the lessons across. I am not so creative with thinking up my own things. 😉

So, that’s our week so far. Busy. Chaotic. Draining! I can’t wait for this baby to arrive, just so my body isn’t being drained of ALL energy by him. Then again, I’ll be drained from that awesome time of getting up to nurse every 2-4 hours! If it’s not one thing, it’s another stealing my energy! But, I guess these little monsters are worth it. 🙂



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