Homeschool Checkup


This week was short, with the holiday on Monday and my midwife appointment on Wednesday. I pushed the girls to cram a lot of work into not a lot of time. They were pretty cooperative about it. I did less with Addy this week, so we could focus more on Iris and Lily. Addy didn’t seem to mind more play time!

I haven’t put up an pictures of our classroom for this year, so I decide to post them now. Last year, we only had the kitchen table to work at, with all the posters and wall hangings on one wall right there in the eating area of the kitchen.

This year, we are blessed to have the loft upstairs to work in. Arthur’s aunt gave us a daybed that we use to sit and read on. We also have several areas of the walls to hang our calendar, posters, and projects!

I didn’t hang out dry erase board on the wall (Husband isn’t wanting to hang anything just yet on his new walls. Ha!), so we just lean it on the wall while it sits atop a wire shelving unit (which I got at Target for $15, I believe! Great buy – it’s sturdy and doesn’t scratch. It has 6 cubes, so I use 2 per girl for their books and my teacher guides, as well as daily folders. So easy to keep things organized!). We have an easel with a chalkboard on each side and clips to hold up things over the chalkboard, like our chore board.

And we have an awesome view out the 2 windows in there – the fields across the street and sometimes the horses at the farm over there! It’s so nice and quiet for doing work, even when we have the windows open.

I apologize – I am not a good picture taker…at all. I don’t pay attention to lighting or positioning. I just take the picture. šŸ™‚

Well, it’s almost time to start school today. The weather is yucky and rainy, so we are moving slowly this morning. Better get moving! Iris has a spelling test and we have TWO videos to watch about George Washington!

Happy Friday!



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