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The Joys of Pregnancy

You would think I’d just get used to the not-so-great things about pregnancy, since this is my fifth time. But, no. I am still very aware of the annoyances and uncontrollable physiological happenings during pregnancy. 🙂

For instance:

1. Last night I wore some oh-so-flattering gray cotton pj pants (not maternity, mind you) that had an insanely long inseam. They felt really comfortable if I pulled the waist all the way up over my belly…with my tank top tucked in, so the elastic band wouldn’t rub on my skin. 🙂 I realize how ridiculous this looked…but I didn’t care. I laughed when I saw myself in the bathroom mirror and thought about how I kind of looked like the older gentleman that played the piano at the church I grew up in. He wore his waistband (what seemed to be) very high up on his roly poly middle.

2. Bathroom trips are SO much more frequent with the fifth pregnancy. In fact, I can’t make it to Whole Foods and through the store without really having to go. Of course, I am then rushing us all quickly to the car, so we can get to Meijer and use their bathrooms. It is so annoying! I even make sure I’m the last person to use the bathroom before we leave the house and drive the 15 minutes to Whole Foods! Arthur joked about the incontinence pads at Meijer the other day; I laughed too, but stopped myself when I really thought about how close I feel I’m getting to that stage in life! Ah!!

3. I enjoy the smell of cologne, but I wanted to vomit in church today after the gentleman behind me walked in and sat down. I thought maybe he dumped an entire bottle of cologne on the floor between the pews. But, turns out it was just the OBNOXIOUS amount he was wearing. Make a note, guys: bathing in the cologne does NOT do you any good. I honestly wanted to get up and move…but I was there first and comfy and didn’t feel like moving my big belly.

4. The sound of my dog licking his paws while I am trying to sit and enjoy the silence during nap time DRIVES ME INSANE! I actually get angry with the dog. I tell him to stop or I pick him up and move him to another room! The lick, lick, lick sound is so gross and annoying. Who does he think he is ruining my peace and quiet with his licking?! 🙂

5. As much as I love snuggling with my kids in our bed…I am over it until this baby arrives. Seriously…I already have to share my side of the bed with the baby in my womb; why in the world would I want to try to cram another little being on my side?! I can hardly roll over without saying “ouch” out loud. I don’t really want to have to roll over AND scoot back so one of my girls can climb in bed. Sorry, girlies, you’re out until after this winter! I love you, but I really enjoy sleeping where I want…especially since sleep isn’t as wonderfully enjoyable as it used to be, when I could roll onto my stomach or sleep without a pillow between my knees!

6. Every little thing annoys me. (Can you tell?!) I am honestly set off in a grouchy mood by the littlest things. Pitter patter of little feet upstairs when everyone is supposed to be in bed. Barking dog in the middle of nap time. Whining 6-year-old. Whining 4-year-old. Whining 3-year-old. Grouchy 1-year-old. Grouchy 31-year-old husband! (That’s the worst! haha!) My husband’s brilliant idea to tickle me. Right, because tickling an incontinent pregnant woman at 7pm just as she’s drifting off to sleep on the couch is REALLY going to make her want to spend more time with you! 😉

But let me tell you the thing that makes #’s 1 through 6 all worth while:

I can feel this tiny life moving around inside my belly. Day or night, I have the comforting feeling of life inside me. He doesn’t care how my day was or how grouchy I am. He is just in there dancing away (on my bladder, I should add) to the beat of his own drum. He has NO IDEA the chaos he is coming into 3.5 months from now. He is just happy to flip and dance and sword fight (or so it feels, at times).

I don’t care if everyone is behaving today or if no one is behaving. I am just happy to be a Mama and know that I have a special bond with each of my children that no one else has with them. I felt their first attempts at somersaults. 🙂 Daddy didn’t have that. Grandma didn’t have that (with my babies, at least). No one did. I had it.

And I really feel like I could use the phrase: “I brought you into this world; I can take you out.” 🙂

Of course, I don’t mean it.

Well, not today anyway.


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