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Menu Plan August 31 – Sept 5


Wow! What a busy week! Probably the busiest we’ve had since starting our school year. Due to payday being on a Friday, I had to wait and grocery shop yesterday…on Arthur’s day off. I usually try to get it all done on days he works, so we can just do whatever on his days off. But this week didn’t work out that way. We did make a whole morning of it, though, shopping all together (yes, all 6 of us went!). It went well, and I was happy to spend the time with everyone even doing our mundane weekly tasks. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s what I finally came up with for this week’s menu:


Waffles (store-bought, gluten-free…taking a break from EVERYTHING homemade this week), kefir smoothie

Cereal (yikes! ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s organic, so I feelย  a little better about it. HA!), juice

Pancakes – Homemade, juice/milk/coffee

Oatmeal – Homemade, Kefir smoothie

French Toast – Homemade, juice


PB & Honey, yogurt, strawberries/blueberries

Leftovers x 3

Veggie Wraps, apple slices w/PB, chips

Buttered noodles, veggie sticks, apple slices


Lentils & brown rice, carrots (meatless)

Barley soup, cornbread, salad (meatless)

Creamy Veggie Bake, salad (meatless)

Pork/Tato/Carrot Skillet, bread

Ham Risotto, salad

Hamburgers, carrot sticks, chips


Granola Bars

Fruit Snacks (found a healthier version of the usual ones…as a special treat for during school time)

Yogurt and granola

String cheese, crackers

We are having a low-key Labor Day. Arthur’s on call and the weather isn’t supposed to be great (rain!). I’ll probably make the barley soup that day and just let it cook for a while, so we can hang out. I am starting to become anxious about meals after the baby is born (yes, I still have 4 months…but I feel they will go by quickly!) and started formulating a plan in my head. I should probably write it down though. Eating fresh, organic, and healthy takes planning and careful attention to ingredients (for packaged things). I don’t want to slack and fill us with junk (our poor tummies) when the baby gets here, but I also want to be able to ease up on the strictness so I’m not frenzied come grocery time each week. I still have some time to sort it all out, but you mothers know how “nesting” phases go…you try to get everything done all at once. ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s where I’m at right now!

Happy Labor Day!



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