The School Year Has Begun!!

So I’m about 9 days late on this :), but our school year has started!

Because the baby is due around Christmas, I decided to start earlier than last year (which was after Labor Day). Last Monday, we officially started our school year! This is our second year of school at home. I am still enjoying it, and the girls are still learning a lot….so that is great reassurance that we are doing what’s best for us at this stage in life. Next year? Who knows. I still have some reservations about sending the girls to public school, but we cannot afford the Christian school in the area. 😦 BUT, that’s a whole year away! We’re focused on this year and learning all kinds of new things.

I actually remembered to take a picture on our first day of class.

And I should mention, they picked out their own clothes and did their own hair for their first day. (Just so you don’t think I’d put a headband and 2 bows in Addy’s hair! Haha!) Lily picked out a shirt with hearts and a skort with hearts, but they didn’t exactly match. πŸ™‚ I am proud of them, regardless, for taking the initiative.

Addy is doing a little Preschool work this year. She is not quite 3 1/2, so I’m trying to take it easy on her and let her come and go as she wants. She plays well alone, so when she’s tired of schoolwork, I let her go off and play in her room.

Lily is almost 5 and doing Kindergarten work! I am so proud of her. She is such a good student and quickly picks up on all kinds of new concepts. I started cursive with her this week; she is struggling with it a little. I figured the coordination might not totally be there yet, since she’s not quite 5 BUT she likes challenges!

Iris is my big girl and doing First Grade work. She is doing better with focusing this year. I still struggle with her to SLOW DOWN and not rush through her work. She is getting better, but as soon as she thinks she knows what the work is she races through it….and often gets things wrong because she’s ASSUMED she knows the directions. πŸ™‚ We’re working on it, though!

We did not get desks like we planned, but this kid table actually works out perfectly. I ended up ditching their pencil cases and just use our painted/recycled soup cans we made last year as holders for pencils or crayons or whatever. They like having one can in the middle of the table…taking up a lot less room! I think they really like sitting close together…but this also leads to a lot of kicking under the table when they’re not happy with each other. In fact, rule #3 for school is “Hold your feet still and do not kick others.” πŸ™‚ Rules 1 and 2 are (in this order): Be quiet and wait until you are called on to talk AND Keep your hands off your hair and face. We have such a difficult time with them touching their face and playing around with their hair. Their faces actually break out from the dirt/oil and their hair gets so ratty! I wonder how many other parents have to make up these silly rules to make it through the day?! πŸ™‚

Buddy is doing well with napping during a portion of our morning work. I just put up the gate, so he can’t fall down the stairs and he roams around to each bedroom and plays with toys the rest of the time. He is pretty easy-going, thankfully. I am dreading the day he cuts back to just one nap! I really enjoy his 2 naps, so we can get more work done.

Baby #5 is also treating me well; I am SO thankful for that. Obviously, with each pregnancy you never know what to expect. I wasn’t sure how my body would be after all the chaos of packing and moving during my first trimester and then trying to set up for school with 4 other little ones. BUT, baby has been great. Other than the usual tired and random days of not quite feeling 100%, I have no complaints. Usually my exhaustion kicks in around 5pm, which is well after we are done with school. That has been extremely helpful. I just am a little nervous about life with a newborn come Christmastime! Although, we’ve never NOT been able to adjust, so I suppose I shouldn’t worry this time either. πŸ™‚

Time to head out to the library to gather our books for next week’s work. I love being so close to the library, that we can go and grab everything to supplement our curriculum. And now that everyone is back to school, I can let the girls loose in the kid area without too much chaos! πŸ™‚


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