Menu Plan

Menu Plan August 15 – 21

So frazzled this week. We started school on Monday! It’s going well, but just getting my body (a PREGNANT body, mind you) back into a strict morning routine is making me crazy. 🙂

Here’s this week’s menu plan:


Fridge Omelet, Fruit

Oatmeal x 2 (cinnamon apple; brown sugar cinnamon), toast, fruit

Cinnamon Rolls, fruit

Banana Chocolate Chip muffins, yogurt/fruit

Leftover muffins or cinnamon rolls

Fried/Scrambled eggs, toast, fruit


PB & Honey/Jelly x 2

Leftovers x 3

Tuna Macaroni Salad x 2


Potato Frittata (meatless), salad, homemade dinner rolls

Sloppy Joe Casserole (NEW!), cooked carrots, green beans

Veggie Lasagna (meatless), breadsticks, carrot sticks

BLT Salad w/Buttermilk Dressing (NEW!), Rice Pilaf

Chicken Veggie Noodles

Risotto (meatless), Corn, Salads, Garlic Cheese Flatbread

Crockpot BBQ Chicken, carrots, mashed potatoes


Black Bottoms (new! name is kind of weird, but they sound delicious…will post recipe if we like them)

Granola Bars


The Very Hungry Caterpillar (recipe from a magazine, using granola, yogurt and fruit layers. been meaning to try this for a while! girls are very excited!)

I wanted to make a whole post today about how our week is going, but I have to get dinner going. We found a new church in the area and are attending their service tonight. Very excited that we found somewhere and hoping to be involved more very soon! Happy Wednesday!!




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